Edwards A Trailblazer

Katrina Edwards is a trailblazer in a male dominated sport, and not only is she involved in Football, she is a Goal Umpire in the South West Football League.

Goal Umpire – Katrina Edwards

This weekend marks a significant achievement when Katrina officiates in her 350th Career game as a Goal Umpire.  Not only will it be game 350, Katrina will move into the top ten of all time for games umpired as a Goal Umpire, surpassing Barry McCaughan and Eon Osborne who both achieved 347 games.

Katrina made her League debut on 26 August 2012, and has quickly amassed the games, courtesy of Goal Umpires doing multiple games over the course of the weekend.  This in no way diminishes the achievement, standing long hours in all conditions, requiring immense concentration, with 138 of those games being League fixtures.

Edwards runs between seven and ten kilometres almost every day as a way of keeping fit, even of game days.  As a part of the 350 game milestone, she has officiated in 20 finals, and has represented the SWFL at Landmark in 17 games.

“I just want to be treated like everyone else, just as one of the boys”, says Edwards.  This is not as easy as it sounds as the Umpiring panel now has three active female Goal Umpires (soon to be four), and ten female Boundary Umpires.

The highlight for Edwards came last year when she became the first female Goal Umpire in SWFL history to officiate in a League Grand Final.

“Yes, the 2016 Grand Final has been my highlight, also because I got to do the game with my son Chris (Boundary Umpire)”, she added.

“I would encourage any female to get involved either as an Umpire or as a player”.

Katrina will officiate her 350th game at PC Payne Park on Sunday with Jason Crowe, when they officiate the match between Bunbury and Donnybrook for the Peter Betti Cup.