From The Vault – This Round 1986

In this edition of From the Vault, we look at round six, 1986, which would be a split round played on Sunday, 25 May 1986 and Sunday, 1 June 1986.

Sixth placed Busselton would play seventh placed Donnybrook and top of the table Collie would take on arch rivals Mines Rovers in the first week of the split round.

South Bunbury would play Augusta Margaret River, fifth placed Carey Park took on Boyanup Capel Dardanup who were entrenched at the bottom of the ladder, while the match of the round would be between Harvey Brunswick and Bunbury who were third and fourth on the ladder.

After five rounds, there were four teams with four wins, but it would be the Collie Derby which would be showing all of the interest.  George Kaurin would be playing his 200th career game for Collie while Peter Bastow would be playing his 50th game for Mines Rovers.  Trevor Stewart would be coaching the Saints, while Terry Bruce would be leading the Miners in the 52nd Derby.

Field Umpire Kevin Nettleton would officiate his 150th League match.

South Bunbury would eventually get the upper hand on a persistent Augusta Margaret River who led by eight goals at quarter time. After being goal-less in the third quarter, Carey Park kicked fourteen goals in the final quarter to overcome a twenty three point three quarter deficit to win by 35 points, Bunbury downed Harvey Brunswick by four goals, Busselton defeated Donnybrook in a low scoring slog, while Mines Rovers would have the bragging rites in the Coalfields Derby, kicking nine goals to three in the second half for an upset victory before nearly 2000 fans.  As a result Bunbury and South Bunbury would have five wins and one loss after the round, with Collie dropping to fourth on the Premiership ladder.

Peter Hodyl led the goal kicking after round six with 34 goals, ahead of Paddy Madaffari who had 26 while Shaun O’Callaghan of Carey Park would have 24.  Madaffari would go on to win the goal kicking competition with 80 goals, after winning in 1985 with 63 majors.

Match Centre

South Bunbury  0.1.1  7.6.48  13.8.86  18.12.120
Augusta Margaret River 8.4.52  9.8.62  10.9.69  13.11.89

Goals: South Bunbury – P Hodyl 4, T Cowdrey 2, C Bennell 2, P Parsons 2, S Grasso 2, W Watterson 1, C Kating 1, W Peake 1, I Bennell 1, C Davidson 1, J Sosield 1. Augusta Margaret River – I Wright 4, K Regan 2, R Davis 2, S Sargent 1, K Castle 1, L Wrigglesworth 1, B Tate 1, J Lawrence 1.
Best: South Bunbury – P Old, W Watterson, I Cahill, D Platts, W Peake, P Hodyl.  Augusta Margaret River – J James, G Smith, R Lee, E Whittle, P Cannon, K Regan, G Miller.
Umpires: K Nettleton, C Sabourne
Reports: Nil
Ground: Gloucester Park, Margaret River

Carey Park  4.8.32  7.12.54  7.17.59  21.20.146
Boyanup Capel Dardanup 3.3.21  8.4.52  13.4.82  16.5.101

Goals: Carey Park – K Thorne 5, S O’Callaghan 4, M Skehan 2, T Ugle 2, R Waterman 2, F Walters 1, T Nelson 1, R Ashman 1, L Brenton 1, W Stewart 1, B Lowler 1.  Boyanup Capel Dardanup – G Norton 3, P Scott 3, A Rowe 2, B Farmer 2, M Walker 2, G Clifton 1, D Sharpe 1, D Reeves 1, J Nolan 1.
Best: Carey Park – Not Supplied, Boyanup Capel Dardanup – Not Suppled
Umpires: WAFL Umpire, L Buswell
Reports: Nil
Ground: Boyanup Oval, Boyanup

Bunbury  5.2.32  10.4.64.  13.6.84  17.10.112
Harvey Brunswick  2.4.16  6.6.42  11.9.75  13.10.88

Goals: Bunbury – K Narkle 4, S Kirby 3, S Holmes 3, C Macri 2, M Brown 1, D Soulas 1, S Taylor 1, M Shinner 1.  Harvey Brunswick – J Morgan 3, C McArthur 2, C Rogers 2, A Ietto 1, D Rakich 1, C Crognale 1, D Obal 1, P Hough 1.
Best: Bunbury – Not Supplied.  Harvey Brunswick – Not Supplied
Umpires: A Blackwell, WAFL Umpire
Reports: Nil
Ground: PC Payne Park

Mines Rovers 3.2.20  5.3.33  10.5.65  14.7.91
Collie  1.3.9  5.7.37  7.10.52  8.11.59

Goals: Mines Rovers – D Narkle 4, K Rowe 2, P Moyses 2, S Dabrowski 2, I Steward 2, G King 1, M Rowe 1.  Collie – M Humble 3, M Cormack 2, P Carpenter 1, M Hill 1, R Woodhouse 1.
Best: Mines Rovers – Not Supplied.  Collie – Not Supplied
Umpires: G Pritchard, G Adams
Reports: Nil
Ground: Collie Recreation Ground, Collie

Busselton  3.1.19  5.5.35  8.9.57  9.9.63
Donnybrook 0.1.1  2.3.15  4.7.31  5.12.42

Goals: Busselton – R White 2, No Forster 2, P Hooper 2, B Fraser 1, S Fletcher 1, T Regan 1. Donnybrook – S Hickman 2, T Curry 2, S Oldfield 1.
Best: Busselton – Not Supplied.  Donnybrook – Not Supplied
Umpires: T Hogan, M Davis
Reports: Nil
Ground: Sir Stewart Bovell Park, Busselton