Landmark 2017

The Landmark Country Championships will be played in Perth and the Metropolitan area from Friday 7-9 July 2017, with one Regional fixture to be played prior to this on 17 June 2017.  SWFL this year will play the Peel Football League at Rushton Park, Mandurah.

It certainly was an interesting scoreline in the Landmark Regional Round match between Peel Football League and the South West Football League on Saturday at Rushton Park, Mandurah.

If you weren’t at the game, and saw the quarter time score which had the hosts 32 points in front at the first break, you could assume a strong breeze was blowing.  The half time score indicated a different story as the lead extended to 59 points at the major break, with the SWFL recording their lowest ever half time score in a Landmark fixture of just two behinds, and a margin which would break all records to come back from should a victory be achieved.

After half time, it would be the polar opposite of the first half as the SWFL finally scoring their first goal.  The SWFL team kicked five goals to one in the third quarter, including two goals to Brett Peake who finished the match with three, while Jace Cormack would get plenty of the ball to give the SWFL some much needed drive into the forward line.  Down back, Will Oelsnik and Travis Justins would be resolute, keeping the home team to just one goal.

The final stanza would see the SWFL kick a further five goals, holding Peel to three behinds, to reduce a 59 point half time deficit down to nine points at the final siren.

Match Centre

PFNL      5.3.33  9.7.61  10.10.70  10.13.73
SWFL     0.1.1   0.2.2  5.2.32  10.4.64

Goals: PFNL – B. Holmes 3, K. Westwood, J. Carter, T. Wood, A. Haydon, A. Bowers, S. Pauls, M. Buxton. SWFL – B. Peake 3, P. Farrant 2, J. Fontana, M. Battaglia, K. Hug, Ja. Cormack,  D. Heasman.
Best: PFNL – A. Bowers, C. Smith, J. Carter, T. Wood, B. Wright, B. Holmes. SWFL – J. Meadmore, J. Battaglia, B. Peake, Ja. Cormack, W. Oelsnik, K. Bumann.
Umpires: Aaron Andrews (SWFL), Adam Hauswirth (SWFL), Paul McGarry (PFNL), Zac Schurko (PFNL)
Reports: Nil
Ground: Rushton Park

Jace Cormack was one of the SWFL best players on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Wayne Hislop photography.

Monday, 12 June 2017 – Landmark Regional Round

Seven matches will take place in regional WA this Saturday as part of the Landmark Country Championships revised format which is in its second year. This number is up from six matches last year.

2017 sees the return of the Goldfields Football League who should field a strong side in their return to the Championships since dropping out of the program in 2012.

Regional matches will all take place on Saturday 17 June with games being played in Coorow (NMFL v CWBFL), Merriden (EDFL v Goldfields) Manjimup (LSWFL v UGSFL), Gnowangerup (OFA v GSFL), Moora (CMCFL v Mortlock), Northam (Avon v GNFL) and Mandurah (Peel v SWFL).

WACFL General Manager Joe Georgiades was excited by the potential of the regional matches “2017 will be the second year of the Regional trial and we are hoping the excellent fixtures sees some exciting matches and big crowds over the weekend.

Players should all be well aware of the fixturing and if the current state squad is anything to go by, there should be some excellent players putting their hands up for rep footy in 2017.”

All competitions south of Carnarvon will break for the weekend with a number of Leagues also fielding sides at the Great Southern (Kulin) and Northern Regions (Wongan Hills) Colts Carnivals which has matches over Saturday and Sunday.

Following this, all matches head to the metropolitan area with five Colts to fight it out in Mandurah between the 6-8 July with Peel, Northern Regions and the South West taking out the last three Colts titles.

Seniors will play two shortened matches on Saturday 8 July in Perth, with finals to take place on Sunday. The South West proved it was possible to still make the finals despite losing their Regional Match to Peel last year. Peel was a dominant force in 2016, but interestingly, a number of their better players are now playing in the South West.

In a first, the WACFL also has plans afoot to host a female ‘Talent ID’ match for some of the best regional female players on Sunday 9 July. The match could prove a great stepping stone for females playing in the country to get on an AFLW team list.

Details of Perth matches will be released at a later date.

Saturday (17/06/2017)
DIVISION 2 (North) – North Midlands v Central Wheatbelt, 1.30pm, Coorow

DIVISION 2 (South) – Eastern Districts v Goldfields, 2.00pm, Merredin

DIVISION 2 (North) – Central Midlands Coastal v Mortlock, 2.30pm, Moora

DIVISION 2 (South) – Ongerup v Great Southern, 2.00pm, Gnowangerup

DIVISION 1 -Lower South West v Upper Great Southern, 2.00pm, Manjimup

DIVISION 1 – Avon v Great Northern, 4.00pm, Northam

DIVISION 1 – Peel v South West,  4.00pm, Rushton Park, Mandurah

*Courtesy of WACFL Website

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 – Landmark League Squad Announced

The SWFL, initial League Squad has been announced for 2017, with players from every team a part of the squad, which is a sizable one, which will be trimmed prior to the first match, to be played on Saturday, 17 June 2017 at Rushton Park, Mandurah. The remaining fixtures will be played in Perth as part of a round-robin format on Saturday, 8 July 2017.

The 70 players ear-marked to be part of the final 27 man squad was chosen prior to the round six fixtures, which did have a few notable injuries.

Training will commence shortly.

Augusta Margaret River (4)
Ben Gerrans, Mitch Gerrans, Mitch Lynn, James Price

Bunbury (9)
Matthew Martin, Kyle Bassett, Kane Bumann, Blair Della Franca, Aiden Clarke, Harry Creasey, Brad Blake, Travis Justins, Asten Preedy

Busselton (6)
Jackson Arbon, Aiden Fraser, Dylan Patterson, Matt Welburn, Chris Puff, Bailey Sanford

Carey Park (5)
Ben Golowyn, Jamahl Mullholland, Jake Thurston, Chris McMillan, Jayden Wilson

Collie Eagles (11)
Travis Cleggett, Michael Florio, Jayce Fontana, Matt Michael, Perry Francis, Joel Houghton, Corey Griggs, Paul Rinder, Kyle Shanahan, Jebb Swallow, Teke Vernon

Donnybrook (6)
Shane Cristaldi, Jayden D’Vauz, Jacob Green, Kieran Hug, Sam Lowrie, Sean Lynch

Eaton Boomers (10)
Will Oelsnik, Jace Cormack, Josh Battaglia, Michael Battaglia, Kieran Butcher, Chris Atthowe, Nick Martin, Blake Piggott, Michael Russell, Jay Walton

Harvey Brunswick Leschenault (5)
Kristin Thornton, James Hawksley, Dylan Heasman, Jack Quinn, Tyson Wood

Harvey Bulls (4)
Brett Lofthouse, Brendon Jones, Darren Rumble, Dean Miller

South Bunbury (10)
Damon Bull, Mason Hislop, Matt Giacci, Brynn Francis, Jaxon Bell, Jon Meadmore, Brady London, Leigh Kohlmann, Kyle Hams, Michael Thompson

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 – Colts Squad Released

The SWFL Colts Landmark Squad has been released with players from all ten team represented in the initial 53 player squad.

The Landmark Carnival will be played on Thursday, 6 July 2017 and Friday, 7 July 2017, with the Grand Final to be played on Saturday 8 July 2017 , with all games scheduled for Rushton Park, Mandurah.

The first training session under the eyes of Coach David Lewis (0409 911 914) will take place at Leschenault Oval No. 6 on Thursday, 8 June 2017 at 6.00pm.  The final squad of 27 players will be announced at the end of June.

Augusta Margaret River (5)
Kyle Collard, Jacob Oakes, Cody Rodgers, Lachlan Trembath, Christopher White

Bunbury (7)
Jordan Falco, Patrick Farrant, Tobi Horton, Shaun King, Jackson Oliver, Jorrum Tucker, Xavier Williamson

Busselton (7)
Tayte Devenny, Isaac Haslam, Jed Kemp, James Powley, Billy Sukroo, Jordan Hayden, Travis Hills

Carey Park (3)
Conor Bastow, Tristan Ugle, Zane Verhaaf

Collie Eagles (6)
Cameron Davidson, Jack Davidson, Teale DeAngelis, Jesse Ramshaw, Liam Reuben, Blake Shanahan

Donnybrook (4)
Jacob Kendle, Dion Parker, Reece Ralston, Shaun Towers

Eaton Boomers (4)
Joseph Bertola, Jacob Ingham, Mitchell Kings, Jack Wharton

Harvey Brunswick Leschenault (5)
Dylan Heasman, Bailey Taylor, Kale Triplett, Jack Strand, Ben Roberts

Harvey Bulls (5)
Jaxon Egan, Lachlan Hernaman, Kyle Hickman, Jacob Pickett, Dylan Sellick

South Bunbury (7)
Ryan Bennell, Jordan Corbett, Sebastion Dixon, Hayden Krikke, Kade Wallrodt, Jay Wright, Jed Montgomerie