Peel Too Good

The Peel Cavaliers have defended their title at the Landmark Country Football Championship, after defeating the South West on Sunday at Medibank Stadium.

In a dour first quarter, it took 10 minutes for the first score, and 13 minutes for the one and only goal, kicked by Kieran May.

The second quarter saw much of the same, with almost all of the play revolving through the midfield, with both teams working well in defence, repelling attacks.  Courtney Lakay, who would go on to be the best player on the ground, kicked the Cavaliers second goal, and the scoreboard was starting to look bleak for the South West.   The only goal of the first half came courtesy of Patrick Farrant.

Peel gained further advantage in the third quarter when Andrew Haydon converted, before Jayce Fontana kicked truly from deep in the pocket to narrow the gap again.  Possibly the killer blow came late in the third quarter when Clay Smith kicked Peel’s fourth goal, to lead by 16 points at the final change, and in reality, double the score of the South West.

The lead extended in excess of four goals when Peel kicked their fifth and sixth goals of the match, before Aidan Clarke and Brett Peake goaled in the latter stages of the final quarter, in one of the lowest scoring grand finals in Landmarks long history.

Match Centre

PFNL 1.1.7   2.4.16   4.8.32   6.10.46
SWFL 0.2.2   1.3.9   2.4.16   4.6.30

Goals: PFNL – K. May, C. Lakay, A. Haydon, C. Smith, S. Puls, R. Falkstrom. SWFL – P. Farrant, J. Fontana, A. Clarke, B. Peake.
Best: PFNL – C. Lakay, B. Tingey, A. Haydon, D. Griffin, K. May, C. Black. SWFL – A. Clarke, B. Della Franca, M. Hislop, T. Justins, M. Russell, G. Piggott.
Umpires: Aaron Andrews (SWFL), Glenn Omodei (SWFL), Zac Schurko (PFNL)
Reports: Nil
Ground: Medibank Stadium, Leederville

All Stars Team
Aidan Clarke (Bunbury), Brett Peake (Bunbury), Joel Houghton (Collie Eagles)
Landmark Rising Star Award
Aidan Clarke (Bunbury)
JJ Lusick Umpire of the Carnival
Aaron Andrews (SWFL)