Who Will Make Finals In This Most Unpredictable Season

With eleven games won by 9 points or less across a nine round competition, season 2020 has been like no other in the first eight rounds on Home and Away action.

This weekend, fifteen of the eighteen games to be played across all four grades will impact who makes the finals and who finishes where in the finals structure.

The most crucial match in the League competition will be on Sunday in Collie, when the Eagles take on Eaton Boomers.  The winner not only guarantees themselves a spot in the finals but also puts themselves in the running to host a final.   Potentially the two teams could play two weeks in a row, with Augusta Margaret River also having a say in the end result.  Should the Hawks cause an upset on Saturday, the loser between Collie and Eaton could be knocked out of the five on percentage, but the good news for both teams is, they will know what is required, as the Hawks play the Lions on Saturday.

What does your team need to do on the weekend and where will they potentially finish.

Harvey Brunswick Leschenault (24)
Current sit on top of the ladder, and will play sixth placed Augusta Margaret River.  Win, and they will finish either first, second or third, should Bunbury and Busselton both win, with the winning margins critical, as currently a swing of two points would be enough to put Bunbury on top of the ladder.   If HBL were to lose, the could still finish, first, second or third, but to remain on top both, Bunbury and Busselton would also need to lose.

Bunbury (24)
Currently second on the ladder, and will play seventh placed Donnybrook.  The Peter Betti Cup is always a fiercely contested game, with Bunbury knowing what will be required, playing on Sunday, opposed to the Lions who play Saturday.   A win by Bunbury will see them finish, first, second or third, depending on the winning margins of HBL and Busselton, should they win.  If either HBL or Busselton lose and Bunbury win, Bunbury will be guaranteed a home final, either in week one or week two.

Busselton (24)
Third currently on the ladder on percentage, equal points with HBL and Bunbury.   Like Bunbury they will know what they need to do on Sunday as HBL play on Saturday.  Busselton can finish first, second or third, however will need a big win over Harvey Bulls to lift their percentage over that of both Bunbury and HBL, with that calculation coming into play after the Lions play on Saturday.  If Busselton lose, they finish third, and will play either Bunbury or HBL in the Qualifying Final.

Eaton Boomers (20)
Fourth currently and just 0.56% ahead of Collie Eagles who they play on Sunday, who are currently fifth.  Percentage will only play a part for the Boomers should they lose.  A win, they will finish fourth and host the Elimination Final in week one of the finals. If they lose, they will play Collie in week one of the finals in Collie, assuming the Hawks lose to HBL. If the Hawks win, the loser of the Eagles v Boomers match, could fall at the final hurdle and miss the finals, depending on the margin of the loss.

Collie Eagles (20)
Fifth and equal points with the Boomers.  Win, and the Eagles make the finals and will host the Elimination Final in week one against either Eaton Boomers or Augusta Margaret River.  Should they lose, they will either finish fifth or sixth and miss the finals, dependant on the result of the HBL v AMR match on Saturday.  Should AMR lose, the equation is simple for both the Boomers and Eagles, win and host an Elimination Final.  A draw, would mean the Boomers and Eagles will make finals and it will be played at Glen Huon Reserve.

Augusta Margaret River (16)
Sixth and a game behind Eaton Boomers and Collie Eagles.   The Hawks need to cause a big upset against the Lions on Saturday.  If they do, they will have to wait 24 hours for the result of the Collie v Eaton match in Collie to see if they can displace the loser.  If the lose,  AMR will most likely finish sixth unless Donnybrook have a big win against Bunbury.


Harvey Brunswick Leschenault (24)
On top of the ladder by 8% and will play Augusta Margaret River on Saturday.  The Hawks sit seventh, but have a healthy percentage and can technically still make the finals but will need some results to fall their way.  If HBL win they will finish first or second, if they lose they could fall as low as third.

Bunbury (24)
Eight percent behind HBL, Bunbury will play Donnybrook on Sunday.   Donnybrook are eighth but did cause a massive upset last round defeating the top team, so Bunbury won’t take Donnybrook lightly.  A win to Bunbury will see them finish first or second, a loss will see them finish third.  Bunbury will know the equation better playing on Sunday, after HBL play Saturday.

Eaton Boomers (22)
Have a superior percentage to Bunbury, with the Boomers to play fourth placed Collie Eagles.  Win and the Boomers could jump to the top of the Ladder should both HBL and Bunbury lose, if they win, the Boomers will remain third.  Should the Boomers lose, they could finish as low as fifth.

Collie Eagles (20)
A crucial game for Collie, who play third placed Eaton.  A win will see the Reserves team finish third, however a loss will put them at the mercy of other results.  A heavy loss and a win to Busselton and AMR, would see the Eagles miss the finals.  The most likely scenario would be fifth assuming the Hawks don’t cause an upset on Saturday.

Busselton (20)
Fifth and only five percent off fourth, however a loss on Sunday and finals will be determined on the Collie v Eaton result, such is the closeness of the ladder.  Busselton play sixth placed Harvey Bulls at Harvey.   If Busselton win, they will finish fourth, lose and they can finish as low as seventh.

Harvey Bulls (18)
Sixth with the weakest percentage of those contending for finals.  The Bulls host fifth place Busselton, with the equation simple, win and make finals, finishing fourth or fifth, lose and miss out.

Augusta Margaret River (16)
Seventh and needing everything to go right.  A loss is not an option playing the top team on Saturday.  To make finals, the Hawks must win, Eaton must defeat Collie by a big margin and Harvey would need to beat Busselton by a good margin as well.   Those margins will be irrelevant if the Hawks don’t win first.


Bunbury (32)
Undefeated in 2020.   Bunbury play fourth placed Donnybrook.  A win and Bunbury have a week off and advance directly to the second semi final, a loss, and they should still finish on top due to a massive percentage differential.

Busselton (28)
Bussleton are currently second and will play Harvey Bulls in the final round.  A win will see them finish second, and a loss will also see them finish second.

Harvey Brunswick Leschenault (24)
Third with a huge percentage gap over fourth, with the Lions hosting ninth place AMR.  Regardless of the result HBL will finish third.

Donnybrook (20)
Fourth placed Donnybrook will play undefeated Bunbury.  Donnybrook will play finals in the Colts competition for the first time in a very long time, and barring a 100 point defeat and fifth place Collie winning by a big margin, Donnybrook will finish fourth regardless of the result.

Collie Eagles (16)
Collie will host the winless Eaton Boomers on Sunday.  A win by Collie and a big loss by Donnybrook can see Collie finish fourth, a loss will see them finish fifth unless South Bunbury win by in excess of 200 points over Carey Park.


South Bunbury (24)
South Bunbury will play Carey Park on Saturday, and regardless of the result, the Tigers will finish on top and will play in the second semi final.

Busselton (20)
Busselton will play Harvey Bulls in a mini final.  Busseltons percentage is way inferior to that of the third placed Bulls.  The scenario is simple, win, finish second and play in the second semi final, lose and play in the first semi final, potentially finishing fourth.

Harvey Bulls (16)
The Bulls host second placed Busselton.  The Bulls can win and finish second or third, as their percentage is very similar to that of Bunbury.  If Bunbury have a big win over Donnybrook they could pass Harvey on percentage, so the Bulls need to win and win well.  Lose and they will finish either third, fourth or an unlikely fifth.

Bunbury (16)
Bunbury play fifth placed Donnybrook who have been playing really well in recent weeks.  Bunbury win and they can finish second or third, however a loss of more than four goals can see them miss the finals at the expense of Donnybrook.

Donnybrook (12)
Donnybrook will play Bunbury.  A winning margin of around four goals is enough to put Donnybrook ahead on percentage should they win, a loss and the Dons finish fifth in their inaugural season.  One thing is for sure the calculators will be out with every score should the Dons be in front.