South West Colts Go Down In A Heartbreaker

Peel have defeated South West in a thrilling CBH Group Grand Final at Sir Ross McLarty Oval in Pinjarra, defeating the defending premiers by three points.

Noah Baron started proceedings with a running goal to give Peel the lead, while at the opposite end South West kicked four consecutive behinds, having the majority of the play.  Eventually John Manuel would kick truly, putting the South West back in front.   Jett Ward of Peel would put Peel back in front in the see-sawing contest, and when Jesse Dunster kicked Peels third, the South West were in trouble, trailing by eight points.

In a tight second half scoring was at a premium in the early stages before Jacoby Parfitt kicked two goals in a minute to give the South West back the lead.   Than was short lived as Sean Denic restored the lead for Peel in what was becoming a thrilling finish.  Lain Haunold, who played a great match took a strong mark to give the lead back to the South West, but a free kick 40m out with 90 seconds remaining saw Jett Ward kick accurately to put Peel back in front, the seventh and final lead change of the match.

Four South West players received All Star honours, while Peel won the Title for the fifth time.

Match Centre

Peel                 3.0.18     5.2.32
South West    1.4.10      4.5.29

Goals:  Peel – Jett Ward 2, Sean Denic 1, Noah Baron 1, Jesse Dunster 1.  South West – Jacoby Parfitt 2, John Manuel 1, Lain Haunold 1.

Clem Bray Medal (Up and Coming Player) – Rama Evans (GNFL)
Ken Baxter Medal (Player of the Colts Championship) – Riley Mayfield (Regional Districts)
CBH Group All Stars – (SWFL) Hayze Griffiths, Emmett Templeton, Blake Soulos, Deegan Cummings
Kim Curno Medal (Best on Ground in Grand Final) – Jett Ward (Peel)

South West Demolish Upper Great Southern

The Nexus South West League side have redeemed themselves after losing their opening game, by easily accounting for Upper Great Southern, in the final game on day one of the Nutrien Ag Country Championships.

The South West played some brilliant football in the opening half, with Cooper Clarke-Dehring and Liam Creighton both lighting up the forward line, both kicking two goals each in the first twelve minutes of the match.  Cooper Nitschke also kicked a good goal, and when Jarrod Cameron goaled at the eighteen minute mark, the South West had kicked six unanswered goals to lead by 38 points at half time.

The second half was only twenty seconds old when Richie Bourne roved the ball off the pack and ran into an open goal to make the margin 44 points.  It was one way traffic, with Jozef Parkinson marking 20m out all by himself to extend the margin further.  When Richie Bourne goaled from outside 50m, it was the biggest margin between the two sides in Championship history in a round robin fixture.  Blake Offer kicked the next two goals both deep in the pocket on opposite sides of the ground, as the margin became 68 points in a lop-sided match.

After a spate of behinds, Richie Bourne beat two players, took a bounce and snapped a great goal to put the icing on the cake as South West demolished the Upper Great Southern by 73 points with a goal in the final minute by UGS saving them from a goal-less match.

Match Centre
South West                        6.3.39     12.8.80
Upper Great Southern  0.1.1          1.1.7

Goals:  South West  – Richard Bourne 3, Cooper Clarke-Dehring 2, Blake Offer 2, Jarrod Cameron 1, Liam Creighton 1, Cooper Nitschke 1, Jozef Parkinson 1.  Upper Great Southern  – Byron Blevin
Best:  South West  –  Gregory Humphries, Richard Bourne, Ben Howlett.   Upper Great Southern Cade Bolton, Byron Blevin, Daniel Trevaskis, Blake Reynolds

Peel Snatch Win In Final Minute

The Nexus SWFL team have lost their opening round robin match in the Nutrien Ag Country Championships by a point to Peel at Sullivans Logistic Stadium on Friday afternoon.

The opening half was a free-flowing affair with seven goals kicked between the two teams, before both defensive units dominated the second half.

Cameron Gavin kicked the opening goal of the match in the opening minute to give Peel the lead, before the South West displayed some great passages of play, with Cooper Clarke-Dehring replying immediately after receiving a bullet like handball from Mitch Tenardi.  Two minutes later Jarrod Cameron completed an end to end play and when Liam Creighton marked and goaled from 30m, four goals had been kicked in the opening six minutes, and the South West led by twelve points.

Riese Wilkey marked and goaled for Peel midway through the opening half, but the South West were able to extend the margin after Jace Cormack received a free kick.  Tye Salter found himself alone and unattended late in the term to reduce the margin to five points close to half time.

Conversely, the second half was a dour affair and it took thirteen minutes for the first goal of the quarter, with Paul Rinder converting deep in the left forward pocket to give the South West a handy buffer.  But when Cameron Gavin goaled on the run, the margin was reduced again to five points, with Riese Wilkey kicking the winner with 45 seconds remaining.

Match Centre
Peel               3.1.19     5.2.32
South West  4.1.25     5.1.31

Goals:  Peel  – Cameron Gavin 2, Riese Wilkey 2, Tye Salter 1.  South West  – Jarrod Cameron 1, Cooper Clarke-Dehring 1, Jace Cormack 1, Liam Creighton 1, Paul Rinder 1.
Best:  Peel  – Ira Jetta, Brett Hill, Jeffrey Carter, Riese Wilkey, Cameron Gavin, Joshua Smartt.  South West  – Connor Carbone, Liam Creighton, Jack Saunders
Ground:  Sullivans Logistic Stadium
Zak Schurko, Sam  Verdon, Cameron Valenti


Coach Seth White addressing the team at Half Time. Photo courtesy of Matt Hislop

Last Minute Goal Sees South West Home

Deegan Cummings has ensured the Apprentice & Traineeship Colts team remains undefeated, after kicking a goal in the final minute of the CBH Colts Country Championships against the Great Northern, at Pinjarra.

The South West as a result of the win and other results already today, are now the only undefeated side, with one final match before the Grand Final at 4.00pm.

In a low scoring match on a heavy ground, Jaxon Graham opened the scoring for the Great Northern, kicking a goal courtesy of a free kick. Midway through the quarter, Hayze Griffiths snapped a good goal from the pocket to put the South West back in front.  Both defensive units were well on top, but another free kick to the Great Northern saw Mick Horstman goal on the stroke of half time, putting Great Northern four points in front.

The second half was dominated by the South West who peppered the goals but couldn’t find the major opening. With 90 seconds remaining, Nic Le Roux received a free kick 55m out from goal, and we was able to get the ball to the top of the goal square where Deegan Cummings took a great pack mark, and duly converted with thirty seconds left on the clock.  The South West were able to go forward again as the siren sounded, giving the defending Champions a four point win.

South West will play Regional Districts in their final group match at 3.00pm, while in another critical fixture, Great Northern play Peel with the winner of that match most likely to play off in the Grand Final as both of those teams have large percentages.  South West are in the box seat to make the grand final, but need to ensure they defeat Regional Districts or ensure their percentage is higher that Great Southern Storm who can still make the Grand Final, should they have a large win over the Kimberley.

Match Centre

South West            1.3.9    2.5.17
Great Northern   2.1.13    2.1.13

Goals:  South West  – Deegan Cummings 1, Hayze Griffiths 1.   Great Northern – Jaxon Graham 1, Mick Horstman 1.
Best:  South West  –  Hayze Griffiths, Nicholaas Le Roux, Lucas Kemp, Cooper Zanich, Blake Soulos.  Great Northern Harrison Criddle, Lucas Clarkson, Lucas Ronan, Ned Osborn, Archie Bougourd, Gregg Galby
Ground:  Sir Ross McLarty Oval, Pinjarra
Umpires:  Andrew Harrison,  Jaxon Standring, Melissa Ferguson

Photos courtesy of Sharyn Newlands

South West Defeat Kimberley In Game Two

The South West Colts side have finished the opening day of the CBH Group Colts Country Championships undefeated, after defeating the Kimberley Spirit by 26 points at Lane Group Stadium in Mandurah on Thursday afternoon.

The Kimberley started brilliantly, kicking a goal in the opening minute of the match, with Jay Hill converting a set shot.  This sparked the South West into action, who would then kick the next six goals of the game, to blow the match wide open.  Deegan Cummings kicked a goal a minute after Hill, to level the scores, before John Manuel kicked accurately to give the South West the lead.

Angus McDonald became the third South West player to mark and goal from inside 50m before Rohan Grout  applied some great forward pressure, and was rewarded with a free kick at the top of the goal square.  Manuel converted another set shot, to give the defending champions a 24 point lead at half time.

The second half saw Seb Hiscox continue the trend when he marked and goaled, extending the margin to thirty points. Lazane Charlie ended the South West’s succession of goals, when he kicked the Kimberley’s second goal, but Rohan Grout kicked another as the South West finished the first day undefeated.

The South West sit in third place after the opening day, with Great Northern and Peel also undefeated.  The South West play great Northern tomorrow, while Peel also play Great Northern, with the outcomes of those matches going along way to deciding who will make the Grand Final at 4.00pm at Ross McLarty Oval in Pinjarra.

Match Centre
South West         5.2.32      7.5.47
Kimberley            1.2.8        3.3.21

GoalsSouth West – Rohan Grout 2, John Manuel 2, Deegan Cummings 1, Sebastian Hiscox 1, Angus McDonald 1.  Kimberley – Jay Hill 2, Lazane Charlie 1.
Best:  South West  – John Manuel, Nicholaas LeRoux, Rohan Grout
Ground:  Lain Group Stadium
Umpires: James Featherstone, Corey McBain, David Frazer

Photos courtesy of Sharyn Newlands