Boomers Win Absolute Thriller

Eaton Boomers did what they needed to at Brunswick Oval on Saturday afternoon, and that was to beat Harvey Brunswick Leschenault to give themselves a chance at playing finals.

On a day where the Bureau of Meteorology got the weather hopelessly wrong, it rained all day at Brunswick Oval, with the only respite in the final quarter of a thrilling match which had eight lead changes.

Despite the weather, a big crowd was on hand with so much on the line, and the skills were still on display, with Jarrod Humphries making a claim for mark of the year when he took a one handed screamer early in the match.

Blake Offer kicked the only goal in the opening term as both teams came to grips with the wet weather.

A good running goal to Jackson Hill put the Boomers in front at the eight minute mark, and Kaed Collard extended the margin four minutes later as the Boomers seemed to be getting on top.  The Lions stemmed the flow and late in the quarter Billy Boucher goaled from 40 metres out to narrow the margin before Offer kicked his second to have the home team in front at half time by four points.

Brandon Jetta’s snap from the goal square put the Boomers back in front before Brendan Craig took a massive grab on the outer side to rival Humphries earlier in the match.  Brendan Stemp took a pack mark and duly converted giving the Lions back the lead, which extended to ten points when Jarrod Humphries kicked his second, giving the Lions the biggest lead of the match.  Tanner Allen reduced the margin after a 50m penalty and Joel Houghton then kicked a long goal to put the Boomers back in front – again!

The final quarter started with a flurry of goals to the home team, two to Offer and a goal to Jarrod Humphries from close range, giving the home team a game high lead of 16 points.  The Boomers never gave up, with Tanner Allen dribbling a goal through from the pocket and then Jetta goaled a minute latter to set up a grandstand finish with the margin back to three points.

Blake Offer was outstanding for the Lions, as he kicked his fifth to extend the margin, but from the 16 minute mark it was all the Boomers though the struggled to find the major opening.  Kaed Collard did at the 21 minute mark to again reduce the margin to three points, before the Boomers kicked four behinds to claw their way to the lead at the 26 minute mark of the final term.  Nic Hodgson kicked a goal after the siren to make the final margin seven points, as the Boomers took the win and moved into the five at the expense of Harvey Bulls, who would then need to beat Busselton later in the evening.


Eaton Boomers  0.2.2  2.4.16  5.5.35  9.10.64
Harv Bruns Lesch  1.0.6  3.2.20  5.3.33  9.3.57

Goals:  Eaton Boomers – Tanner Allen 2, Brandon Jetta 2, Karl Collard 1, Kaed Collard 1, Jackson Hill 1, Nicholas Hodgson 1, Joel Houghton 1.  Harvey Brunswick Leschenault – Blake Offer 5, Jarrod Humphries 2, Billy Boucher 1, Brendan Stemp 1.
Best:  Eaton BoomersGregory Humphries, Brendan Craig, Jackson Hill, Mitchell Kings, Brendan Page, Kaed Collard.  Harvey Brunswick Leschenault – Blake Offer, Ben Ablett, Brendan Stemp, Jonathan Fenwick, Brayden Prentice, Reid Kinninmont
Ground:  Brunswick Oval
Umpires:  Paul Davey, Vance Burton, Michael Hearne
Reports: Nil
Crowd: TBA