Boomers Win In Thrilling Finish Over Panthers

Eaton Boomers won a thrilling contest at Glen Huon Reserve on Saturday afternoon against Carey Park, in the opening game of round twenty of the Dale Alcock Homes South West, SWFL Premiership Season.

Joel Houghton would kick the winning goal, with a stunning strike from 55m on the run to send the Boomers faithful into raptures at the end of a great contest which had a bit of everything.

Brady Lenaghan started the scoring in the first minute of the match with a mark 40m out, which was cancelled out by a mark in the goal square to Houghton a few minutes later.  Connor Gadecki put the Panthers back in front with a snap which was followed shortly there after by a goal by Viv Blurton from 15m out, giving the visitors a handy buffer mid way through the opening term.  Kaed Collard reduced the margin for the Boomers when he converted from long range and when Houghton kicked his second scores were level at the first break.

Chayse Martinson opened the scoring in the second quarter, the first of four quick goals by the Panthers.  Scoring stopped mid term as tempers took over, with numerous scuffles breaking out, which saw several players sent to the bench for a spell by the Umpires.  The match turned again as Eaton Boomers fought back with Jacob Dragovich slotting a goal from deep in the pocket, followed by another goal to Houghton, and when Greg Humphries goaled just before the siren from 50m, the margin was reduced to four points.

The second half saw the lead change numerous times, but the Boomers appeared to be getting on top.  A quick turn over saw Luke Hutchinson convert, narrowing the margin to six points, and when Jordan Yarran goaled after being the only player inside 50m scores were level.

The Panthers would take back the lead in the final term, and were still in front at the twenty minute mark of the final term, as the ball went from one end to the other in a thrilling finish.  Houghton’s kick from 55m to put the home team up by nine points would ultimately be the winning goal, but the Panthers went down fighting with Aaron Holmes hitting the post and Jack DiLallo kicking a goal with 30 seconds remaining.

The win keeps Eaton Boomers slender final chances alive, and Carey Park again just fell short losing their fourth game for the season by 16 points or less, to go with a draw against Harvey Brunswick Leschenault.

Houghton played his best game of the season, kicking five goals, with Jordan Falco and Greg Humphries continuing to play well, while Bailey Taylor and Jaxon Bell were amongst the best for Carey Park.


Eaton Boomers  3.2.20  6.6.42  8.12.60  10.15.75
Carey Park  3.2.20  7.4.46  9.4.58  11.6.72

Goals:  Eaton Boomers – Joel Houghton 5, Jordan Falco 1, Kaed Collard 1, Jacob Dragovich 1, Greg Humphries 1, Brandon Jetta 1.  Carey Park – Jack DiLallo 2, Luke Hutchinson 2, Brady Lenaghan 1, Viv Blurton 1, Connor Gadecki 1, Kelvin Lawrence 1, Chayse Martinson 1, Jordan Yarran 1.
Best:  Eaton BoomersJordan Falco, Joel Houghton, Gregory Humphries, Joseph Bertola, Mitchell Kings, Kaed Collard.  Carey Park – Bailey Taylor, Jaxon Bell, Connor Gadecki, Zane Verhaaf, Aaron Holmes, Jude Harrop.
Ground:  Glen Huon Reserve
Umpires:  Aaron Andrews, Henry King
Reports:  Chayse Martinson reported for using abusive, insulting or threatening language towards Field Umpire Henry King.
Crowd:  482

Tempers boiled over several times in the second term.