Bulls To Play Finals

Harvey Bulls will finish fifth and play finals after a thrilling finish at Sir Stewart Bovell Park, when the Bulls defeated Busselton by two points on Saturday evening.

Earlier in the day in another thrilling finish, Eaton Boomers defeated Harvey Brunswick Leschenault, which meant the Bulls had to win to play finals or be replaced in the finals by the Boomers.

In a tight opening quarter the Magpies took a six point lead into the opening break, before the Bulls fought back in the second quarter, leading by seven at Half time.  With such an exciting climax to the season, and a multitude of scenarios on offer, it was apt that scores were level at three quarter time.

Both teams had moments on ascendancy in the final term, with Busselton squandering opportunities in front of goal, kicking five behinds in the final term, with the only goal coming from Tyson Powell from deep in the pocket to put the Bulls in front at the eight minute mark of the final term.  The remainder of the quarter was an arm wrestle with the Magpies behind by behind, narrowing the margin, to two points before the ball was bottled up on the outer wing in the concluding stages.

At the final siren there was delirium as the Bulls players and fans swarmed the ground with the realisation they would play finals, at the expense of the Boomers, where similar scenes were witnessed just 90 minutes earlier at Brunswick Oval, such is the nature of the finish to the season in 2022.

Lloyd Beever again played and excellent game as did Tyson Power for the Bulls, while Mitch Tenardi and Jackson Arbon were amongst Busselton’s best.

Busselton and Harvey Bulls will now play in the Elimination Final at Sir Stewart Bovell Park next weekend with the day of the fixture to be determined on Sunday night.


Harvey Bulls  2.1.13  5.3.33  6.3.39  7.4.46
Busselton  3.1.19  4.2.26  6.3.39  6.8.44

Goals:  Harvey Bulls – Tyson Powell 3, Brad Holmes 2, Lloyd Beever 1, Michael Bennell 1.  Busselton – Jackson Arbon 2, Josh Hewett 1, Brandon Hooten-Eyden 1, Jed Kemp 1, Bailey Sanford 1.
Best:  Harvey BullsLloyd Beever, Tyson Powell, Braden Fimmano, Brad Holmes, Rhys Anzellino.  Busselton – Mitchell Tenardi, Jackson Arbon, Bailey Sanford, Jon Meadmore, Mitchell Fraser, Josh Hewett.
Ground:  Sir Stewart Bovell Park
Umpires:  Kevin Hutchins, Braden Surrall, Damien O’Donoghue
Reports:  Nil
Crowd:  675


Thrilling finish at Bovell Park – Photo courtesy of Sharyn Newlands