Carey Park Hold Off Determined Eagles

Carey Park have defeated the Collie Eagles on Sunday afternoon at Kelly Park, in round twelve of the Dale Alcock Homes South West, SWFL premiership season.

The margin may have been twenty four points, and for the most part Carey Park were in front, but the Eagles threw down the gauntlet in the third term, getting within one point at the start of the final quarter.

Things didn’t look good early on for the Eagles, with Harry Jones and Ryan King both kicking goals within the first two minutes, without the Eagles practically touching the ball.  The Eagles then settled and both defensive units took over, before Jayce Fontana avoided two players to give the visitors their first goal.   Two minutes later, Kelvin Lawrence snapped truly extending the home teams lead, but Fontana popped up again to kick his second goal of the quarter.  When Odinn Hetherington-Kirk marked and goaled, scores were level, and the Eagles were right in the contest.  Two late goals to Brodie Morris and Reece Payne on the siren gave the Panthers a twelve point lead at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter belonged to the Panthers kicking four goals to one, and the Panthers were starting to dominate across the ground with Jack DiLallo kicking two good goals.

What ever was said at half time by Collie’s Coach, Ash Stewart, certainly worked, with the Eagles putting their best quarter of football together for the season.  Cameron Davidson started the comeback with a dribble kick, followed by a free kick  to Deegan Cummings, who cut the margin to three goals.   Davidson marked strongly to kick his second of the quarter, as panic set in to the Panthers backline who were under siege all of a sudden.  Cummings, not to be outdone by Davidson, also took a strong mark, and when he converted the margin was seven points, in a stunning come back by the Eagles.  Davidson wasn’t finished, kicking his third for the term, and remarkably the Collie Eagles were just one point down at three quarter time, having kept the Panthers goal-less.

Collie had an early chance to hit the front before Kelvin Lawrence snapped a good goal, giving the home side a bit of breathing space.  With the game on the line, things got heated, which seemed to fire the Panther back to life.  Kelvin Lawrence would take another mark of the year contended with a huge mark on the outer side.   Cameron Davidson kicked his fourth goal of the match, as the Eagles simply refused to quit, but a late goal to Jack DiLallo snuffed out the challenge, with the Panthers winning their sixth game of the season, all of them at home.

Match Centre

Carey Park              5.1.31     9.4.58     9.8.62     13.13.91
Collie Eagles           3.1.19     4.3.27     9.7.61      10.7.67

Goals:   Carey Park  – Harry Jones 3, Ryan King 3, Jack DiLallo 2, Kelvin Lawrence 2, Manasseh Milham 1, Brodie Morris 1, Reece Payne 1.  Collie Eagles  – Cameron Davidson 4, Deegan Cummings 2, Jayce Fontana 2, Odinn Hetherington-Kirk 1, Zac Pilatti 1.
Best:  Carey Park  – Manasseh Milham, Harry Jones, Zakary Tetlow, Zane Verhaaf, Reece Payne, Rory O’Brien.  Collie Eagles  – Teale De’Angelis, Jarrod Cameron, Zac Pilatti, Cameron Davidson, Talan Michael, Jayce Fontana.
Ground:  Kelly Park
Umpires:  Paul Davey, Daniel Ebert, Cameron Valenti
Reports:  Nil
Crowd:  679