Carey Park Take Win Over Improved Boomers

Carey Park have overcome a slow start to defeat Eaton by 43 points at Kelly Park in round eight of the Dale Alcock Homes South West premiership season.

In windy but fine conditions, Zak Tetlow kicked the opening goal in spectacular fashion out of mid air, but that was immediately answered by Jonathon Kelly.  A relayed free kick gifted Luke Hutchinson his first goal from 10m out, to extend the margin to eight points.  Greg Humphries kept the Boomers in the contest with a clever goal from a stoppage, and when Tanner Allan goaled at the eighteen minute mark, the Boomers were in front.  Late goals to Scott Price and Brian Hughes restored the lead for the Panthers by five points.

Greg Humphries was in everything on Saturday afternoon, and was one of the best on the ground.

The second quarter is where the match was won, with the home side kicking five very quick goals, with Hutchinson, Zane Verhaaf, Jordan Wallam, Brady Lenaghan and Kelvin Lawrence all converting within ten minutes to extend the margin to 36 points, before Jackson Cartledge kicked the Boomers first goal of the second term.  Almost immediately Jack DiLallo replied with a great goal from the pocket, before Cartledge kicked his second to have the margin at 29 points at the major break.

The Boomers who were humiliated a week previous against Bunbury, showed plenty of spirit and determination, with Greg Humphries exceptional, and Paul Rinder won almost every ruck knock both in the middle and around the ground.  The visitors closed the margin to twenty points in the third term, but again Carey Park were able to kick four very quick goals to stretch the margin to 43 points at the final change, which was also the final margin.

Taj Houlahan kicked three goals for the home side, with Reece Payne and Cameron Baker amongst the best.  Greg Humphries was outstanding for the Boomers, while Jackson Cartledge and Paul Rinder were strong contributors.

The win puts Carey Park into sixth place, one game behind fifth placed Augusta Margaret River who held off a determined Harvey Bulls in the afternoon fixture.


Carey Park    4.2.26    10.4.64    14.7.91    16.9.105
Eaton             3.3.21      5.5.35       7.6.48     9.8.62

Goals:  Carey Park – Taj Houlahan 3, Luke Hutchinson 2, Zak Tetlow 2, Jordan Wallam 2, Jack DiLallo 1, Brian Hughes 1, Kelvin Lawrence 1, Brady Lenaghan 1, Manasseh Milham 1, Scott Price 1, Zane Verhaaf 1.  Eaton – Gregory Humphries 4, Jackson Cartledge 2, Tanner Allen 1, Jackson Broadbent 1, Jonathon Kelly 1.
Best: Carey Park  – Reece Payne, Cameron Baker, Rory O’Brien, Jude Harrop, Kallum Beauclarke, Taj Houlahan.  Eaton – Gregory Humphries, Jackson Cartledge, Paul Rinder, Karl Collard, Jack Saunders, Jackson Hill.
Ground: Kelly Park
Umpires:  Matt Stewart, Damien O’Donoghue
Reports:  Nil
Crowd:  621

Manasseh Milham tries to elude a tackle in the opening quarter. Photos courtesy of Wayne Hislop.