Colts In Landmark Grand Final, League Undefeated After Day One

The Landmark Country Football Championships are well and truly in full swing, with the South West Colts Team making the Grand Final, while the League team are undefeated after their competition started today.

The Colts team will be looking to win their fourth Grand Final in a row and sixteenth overall , but they will have to overcome Great Southern Storm who won all four of their games, and defeated the South West on day one by four points.

The Colts Grand Final will be played tomorrow at 10.30am at Rushton Park, Mandurah.

The League team opened their account with a convincing win over Avon by 46 points, with the SWFL leading Goal Kicker Jarrod Humphries kicking four goals.  In the second match held today, South West accounted for Peel by 28 points with Dylan Heasman, Edward Dann, Jesse Crichton and Jace Cormack amongst the best.  Tomorrow South West will play Goldfields who have won both of their opening round matches, and will finish the qualify games playing long time rivals Upper Great Southern.


League Friday
South West 8.13.61 def Avon 2.3.15
Goals: Jarrod Humphries 4, Hayden Yarran 2, Jace Cormack 1, Taine Williams
Best: Tyler Patterson, Jarrod Humphries, Kane Bumann, Graham Jetta

Goldfields 8.4.52 def Upper Great Southern 7.6.48

South West 7.7.49 def Peel 3.3.21
Goals: Jace Cormack 2, Jarrod Humphries 2, Hayden Yarran 1, Taine Williams 1, Edward Dann 1.
Best: Dylan Heasman, Edward Dann, Jesse Crichton, Jace Cormack

Upper Great Southern 9.5.59 def Avon 2.1.13

Goldfields 7.9.51 def Peel 3.4.22

South West 305.56% 8
Goldfields 147.14% 8
Upper Great Southern 164.62% 4
Peel 43.00% 0
Avon 23.33% 0


Colts – Friday
South West 7.6.48 def Northern Suns 3.0.18
Goals: Bailey Coshott 3, Jake Symington 1, Heath Ryder 1, Tyrone Winder 1, Thomas O’Brien
Best: Bailey Coshott, Clayton Dickinson, Beau Luzi

Great Southern 9.6.60 def Peel 3.5.23

South West 6.3.39 def Regional Districts 2.4.16
Goals: Jordan Wallam 2, Jaylen Colegate 1, Harry Curtin 1, Jarrad Fazioli 1, Heath Ryder 1.
Best: Jack Hindle, William Butler, Jarrad Fazioli, Zak Italiano, Thomas O’Brien

Great Southern 3.4.22 def Northern Suns 1.4.10

Peel 6.7.43 def Regional Districts 2.5.17

Great Southern Storm 164.95% 16
South West 211.83% 12
Peel 69.95% 8
Northern Suns 65.69% 4
Regional Districts 58.86% 0


Colts – Thursday
Northern Suns 5.4.34 def Regional Districts 4.4.28

South West 12.6.78 def Peel 3.5.23
Goals: Bailey Coshott 6, Jake Symington 2, Heath Ryder 2, Joshua Padlie 1, Jaylen Colgate 1
Best: Bailey Coshott, Heath Ryder, Jake Symington, Kolbee Fleay

Great Southern Storm 6.6.42 def Regional Districts 5.2.32

Peel 5.9.39 def Northern Suns 4.4.28

Great Southern Storm 5.6.36 def South West 5.2.32
Goals: Heath Ryder 2, Jordan Hayden 1, Kolbee Fleay 1, Tyrone Winder 1.
Best: Heath Ryder, Jordan Hayden, Jake Symington, Kolbee Fleay