Deja vu For Tigers

If you were at Hands Oval a week ago, and then at Harvey Oval on Saturday evening, you could almost swear you were watching a repeat, with the only difference being the opposition, as South Bunbury defeated the Harvey Bulls by 89 points, in Belt Up Round.

A week ago the Tigers downed the Collie Eagles by 106 points, but the similarities were uncanny.

A week ago, Collie got the fast start and led the Tigers early with the lead changing hands three times, on Saturday evening at Harvey, the lead changed hands four times in the first quarter.  A week ago, Collie Eagles kicked an early goal in the second quarter, so too did Harvey Bulls, and again after that point, the scoring dried up as the Tigers totally dominated the contest.   Collie Eagles a week ago finished with 5.3.33, while at Harvey Oval, the Bulls kicked 5.5.35.

Richie Bourne would kick the opening goal of the contest, before Cooper Sparks snapped a goal to level the scores in the opening five minutes.  Jordan Rakowski soccerred a goal from the goal line to give the home side the lead, before Bodhi Nordahl slotted a goal from long range to have the Tigers in front.  Brendon Jones put the Bulls back in front with a 50m goal from the pocket, before the Tigers kicked three goals in five minutes in the back half of the quarter to lead by 15 points, with Kade Wallrodt’s opening goal on the run, one of the highlights.

Despite it being close at the beginning of the second quarter, South Bunbury were able to pile on five goals in very quick succession, with a fifteen point lead at the ten minute mark of the second quarter, becoming a 39 point lead at half time.

The Tigers would kick the last ten goals of the match, (in round four it was eleven) keeping the Bulls goal-less in the second half.

South Bunbury have a massive percentage (321.55%) and will face Busselton in round six, who were also big winners on Saturday.  Harvey Bulls will travel to Boyanup to face Donnybrook in round six.

South Bunbury  5.4.34    11.5.71    17.6.108    19.10.124
Harvey Bulls      3.0.18     5.2.32     5.4.34         5.5.35

Goals:  South Bunbury – Kade Wallrodt 4, Richie Bourne 4, Aaron Jarvis 2, Blaine Johnson 2, Brayden Jones 2, Bodhi Nordahl 2, Kevin Chitty 1, Shaun Crane 1, Lachlan Riley 1.  Harvey Bulls – Cooper Sparks 2, Brendon Jones 1, Jordan Rakowski 1, Jordan Strahan 1.
Best:  South Bunbury – Richie Bourne, Rocco Versace, Lachlan Princi, Jay Crossman, Finn Baskerville.  Harvey Bulls – Ryan Lester-Smith, Cooper Sparks, Dean Miller, Braden Fimmano, Dylan Marino, Riley Vidovich.
Ground:  Harvey Oval
Umpires:  Michael Hearne, Khye Skoda
Reports: Nil
Crowd:  648

Shaun Crane (SB) and Jordan Strahan (HB), both kicked one goal each on Saturday evening. Crane again had plenty of the football, while Strahan had a difficult night after kicking nine goals the week before. Photo courtesy of Wayne Hislop.