Dons First Quarter Blitz Sinks Lions

Donnybrook kicked seven unanswered goals in the first quarter of their round five clash with Harvey Brunswick Leschenault, to set up their victory at the Brunswick Showgrounds on Saturday afternoon before a good crowd.

Sam Bevin kicked six goals in the Dons 40 point win, kicking his first just three minutes into the match at the Northern end on a perfect day for football.  A defensive error soon after had him kick his second on the goal line, and when Ben Frazer converted after receiving a free kick for a push in the back at the nine minute mark, things were looking grim for the Lions.

The home team then started to get their hands on the ball but were struggling to get it past half forward, with just two inside 50s in the first quarter.  After a ten minute interlude of no scoring, the Dons then kicked four goals in six minutes with Sam Perkusich converting a set shot, before Bevin kicked his third of the quarter from deep in the pocket.   Frazer kicked his second for the quarter on the run, before Bevin nailed his fourth from a free kick 45 metres out.   The visitors held the Lions scoreless in the first term to lead by 45 points.

With not a breath of wind, the Lions returned serve in the second quarter, keeping the Dons scoreless, with not a single score to the Southern end in the first half.  In a complete form reversal of the first quarter, Josh Tartaglia kicked truly after receiving a free kick for a high tackle, before Jarrod Humphries took a strong pack mark to narrow the margin to 33 points.  Connor Carbone kicked a good rovers goal, and when the Dons made a horrendous defensive error at the 15 minute mark, Humphries pounced and made the margin just 21 points.  Humphries then took another brilliant mark but wasn’t able to covert as the margin was reduced 20 points at half time.

The third quarter saw Bevin kick his fifth goal from deep in the pocket, before the match became more of an arm wrestle.  The fascination of when a score would occur at the Southern end was answered when the Lions scored a behind at the 13 minute mark, but it would be at the twenty minute mark when Sean Arrowsmith kicked accurately that the first of only three goals for the match would be kicked at the Scoreboard end.

With the margin at 27 points, the Dons looked to have all the answers, and when Bevin weaved around an opponent and bagged his sixth, and Jeff Smith took a strong mark and kicked his only goal of the day, the Dons were home, winning by 40 points, effectively the margin at quarter time.

Jacob Kendle was a standout for the Dons along with Ben Howlett, while Bevin’s six goals was also a highlight.  The day leant itself to some great marking with Jarrod Humphries taking two beautiful pack marks, while Cody Miller took a big mark for the Dons.  Zavier Williams, Andrew Walsh and Jonathan Fenwick never stopped trying all day, but the opening quarter blitz by Donnybrook would be too much.

Match Centre

Donnybrook 7.3.45  7.3.45  9.5.59  11.8.74
Harv Bruns Lesch 0.0.0  4.1.25  5.2.32  5.4.34

Goals:  Donnybrook – Sam Bevin 6, Ben Frazer 2, Sam Perkusich 2, Jeff Smith 1.  Harvey Brunswick Leschenault – Jarrod Humphries 2, Seann Arrowsmith 1, Connor Carbone 1, Josh Tartaglia 1.
Best:  DonnybrookJacob Kendle, Kai Luzi, Sam Bevan, Ben Howlett, Archer Coates, Ben Frazer.  Harvey Brunswick Leschenault – Zavier Williams, Andrew Walsh, Jonathan Fenwick, Connor Carbone, Joshua Tartaglia, Jarrod Humphries
Ground:  Brunswick Showgrounds
Umpires:  Aaron Andrews, Damien O’Donoghue
Reports:  Nil
Crowd:  615