Dons Hold Off Hawks At Gloucester Park

Donnybrook have prevailed at Gloucester Park on Saturday afternoon, holding off the home team, in a match played in wet and windy conditions, and as a result has put the defending champions into third place on the Premiership Ladder.

Kicking with a strong breeze, Donnybrook did all of the attacking, and the home team did all of the defending, and did a good job at it, restricting the Dons to one goal, which came at the fifteen minute mark, kicked by Sean Lynch.  The Hawks conversely, struggled to get the ball forward of centre and failed to score.

Jace Cormack opened the scoring in the second quarter courtesy of a free kick, and Lee Lucev goaled after a fifty metre penalty, with the scoreline reading 3.5.23 to nothing.  The home team did eventually score a behind at the 20 minute mark of the second quarter, and then another a minute later, to go to the long break 22 points adrift and facing the possibility of challenging the clubs record low score of 1.5.11.

However, Harry Taylor kicked the Hawks first goal in the first minute of the third quarter and three minutes later, Matt Jukes kicked accurately on the run to reduce the margin to just eleven points against the breeze.  That though would be the last goal to be scored, as the rain got heavier and the lights were turned on at Gloucester Park.

A great snap by Kieran Hug opened the gap again at the start of the final term, which was immediately answered by Mitch Payne.   Tyler Patterson kicked a further goal for the Dons, which appeared to snuff out the Hawks challenge as the game went from contest to contest in the wintery conditions.  When Payne marked and goaled at the 13 minute mark, the margin was back to two goals, but time was not on the side of the Hawks.  The home team had several chances late to narrow the margin further, but it would be Harry Taylor who would soccer a goal at the death to narrow the margin to five points.

It would be the final act of play as it turned out, as the siren incorrectly sounded as the ball was run back to the middle by the boundary umpires.

Donnybrook as a result, replace Augusta Margaret River in third place on the League Ladder, with the Dons to face Harvey Bulls at VC Mitchell Park next Saturday, while the Hawks will travel to Glen Huon Reserve on Sunday to take on Eaton Boomers in what now shapes as a crucial clash.


Match Centre

Donnybrook   1.4-10   3.6-24   3.9-27   5.11-41
Aug Marg River  0.0.0  0.2-2   2.4-16   5.6-36

GoalsDonnybrook – Tyler Patterson, Kieran Hug, Sean Lynch, Jace Cormack, Lee Lucev.   Augusta Margaret River –  Mitch Payne 2, Harry Taylor 2, Matt Jukes
Best:  Donnybrook – Sean Lynch, Chris Atthowem Jace Cormack, Luke Dale.   Augusta Margaret River – Mitch Payne, Jake Rodgers, Beau Morgan, Jackson Lavell-Lee, Matt Jukes, Max Paterson
Umpires: Ben Whitehead, Michael Hearne, Greg Rolfe
Ground: Gloucester Park
Reports: Nil