Dons Opening Half Sinks Bulldogs

Going into the round six fixture of the South West Football League, both Donnybrook and Bunbury were on equal footing with three wins a piece, in a log jam of six teams with three wins for the season.  At the end of the day, Donnybrook would come away with the four points, moving to second on the table after a brilliant first half.

The first ten minutes would be a dour affair with both teams feeling each other out, before Brad Epis kicked the first goal of the game.  Minutes later a pack mark and goal had the home team up and about, with the Bulldogs scoreless at quarter time.

Things got worse in a hurry for the visitors, with an early goal making the margin 22 points.  Bunbury did reply shortly after with their opening goal, but this would be met by a barrage of goals in return, with goals to Sam Lowrie, Sean Lynch and Clayton Dickinson, which had the Bunbury defence at sixes and sevens.  When Lowrie goaled again at the 18 minute mark, the margin had blown out to 40 points, with only a late goal to Cullen Boyd reducing the margin.

Codey Hay injured a hamstring in the first half and didn’t return after half time, which didn’t help matters for the Bulldogs, and despite the best efforts of Brett Peake, who kicked Bunbury’s third goal, Bunbury were always coming from a long way back.   Two more goals, including a snap from Peake narrowed the margin to twenty points at the final change, and with the wind at their backs, Bunbury were still a chance of snatching an unlikely victory.

And unlikely it turned out to be with Brett Eades dribbling a goal from deep in the pocket, followed by a goal to Chris Atthowe which put the result beyond doubt.  Although having plenty of opportunities in the final term, Bunbury kicked two goals five behinds, to be comfortable winners by seventeen points.

The Peter Betti Medal was won by Jace Cormack

Match Centre

Donnybrook  2.4.16  7.4.46  8.4.52  10.6.66
Bunbury  0.0.0  2.0.12  5.2.32  7.7.49

Goals: Donnybrook – TBA, Bunbury: Brett Peake 3, Luke Wright 1, Ben Frazer 1, Cullen Boyd 1, Kyle Bassett 1.
Best: Donnybrook – TBA, Bunbury: Travis Justins, Tyson Wood, Luke Wright, Brett Peake, Cullum Boyd, Travis Gray
Umpires: Darren Browne, Aaron Andrews, Damien O’Donoghue
Ground: VC Mitchell Park
Reports: Nil