Elimination Finals Come A Week Early For Reserves

In an amazing finish to the Reserves competition, seventh placed Eaton Boomers can still finish in the finals, after one of the closest finishes to a season in living memory, with just round eighteen left to play out in the SWFL.

The final five could have been all but set, but the results finished in such away that it is almost impossible to predict what will happen this weekend.

Busselton gave up a twenty nine point lead against Carey Park, with the Panthers keeping the home side goal-less in the second half to record a stirring 14 point win to keep the Panthers in the race for finals.

South Bunbury and Bunbury played out a thrilling seven point result, which has enabled South Bunbury to clinch second place for the moment and a definite finals berth.  The same could have been said for the Bulldogs if they had got across the line, but now they face the real possibility of missing the finals altogether.

Top team, Harvey Brunswick Leschenault, won their 37th consecutive match, while Eaton Boomers lost a match they were expected to win, which now has the Boomers sitting seventh.  The eighth placed Bulls led all day to win by 28 points.  In the final match of the round, Collie Eagles accounted for Donnybrook but wasted a golden opportunity to build on their percentage, which based on other matches, is likely to take a big hit against this weeks opponent, Harvey Brunswick Leschenault.

With one round to go, the only things certain is that the Lions will finish on top, and South Bunbury will play in a qualifying final.  Bunbury play Busselton at PC Payne Park and Carey Park host Eaton Boomers, with two of these four team to miss finals, in an amazing finish to the season.  In the remaining matches, Harvey Bulls will host Donnybrook, while Augusta Margaret River will be out to upset South Bunbury on Saturday at Gloucester Park.

Collie Eagles
WIN – Will almost certainly finish third and play in the qualifying final against South Bunbury.  It will also stop the Lions from breaking their own winning record sequence.
LOSE – A loss of less than eight goals to Harvey Brunswick Leschenault MAY be enough to hold third place, subject to whether Bunbury beat Busselton.  If Bunbury win well, and Collie Eagles lose heavily, the swing in percentage, will see Collie Eagles drop to fourth and an Elimination Final, against either Carey Park of Eaton Boomers.
DRAW – As good as a win, will mean the Eagles will finish third.

WIN – If Bunbury win against Busselton the Bulldogs can move back to third place.  This is subject to them winning well, and Collie Eagles getting beaten by Harvey Brunswick Leschenault by a big margin.  The win would put Bunbury into the qualifying final against South Bunbury.
LOSE – A loss could see Bunbury drop out of the finals.  If Bunbury lose they have to hope Eaton Boomers defeat Carey Park.  If Carey Park win, both Busselton and Carey Park will jump ahead of Bunbury despite have much poorer percentages.
DRAW – A draw is good enough for Bunbury to make finals, but it would be the elimination final.

Carey Park
WIN – A win will put Carey Park into an Elimination Final against either Bunbury, Collie Eagles or Busselton.
LOSE – The season is over.
DRAW – A draw will see Carey Park remain fifth and into an Elimination Final, to play either Collie Eagles, Bunbury or Busselton subject to other results.

WIN – A win will put the Magpies into an Elimination Final against either Carey Park or Eaton Boomers.
LOSE – The season is over.
DRAW – A draw will be good enough to move into fifth place on the ladder, but only if Eaton Boomers defeat Bunbury.

Eaton Boomers
WIN – A win is a must and to move to fifth place the Boomers need Bunbury to defeat Busselton.  With superior percentage the Boomers would then leap frog Carey Park and Busselton to finish fifth.
LOSE – The season is over
DRAW – Only a win can keep the Boomers season alive!


1 Harvey Brunswick Leschenault 17 17 0 0 0 0 1787 358 499.16 68
2 South Bunbury 17 11 6 0 0 0 1027 842 121.97 44
3 Collie Eagles 17 10 7 0 0 0 1036 845 122.60 40
4 Bunbury 17 9 8 0 0 0 1071 971 110.30 36
5 Carey Park 17 9 8 0 0 0 1057 1181 89.50 36
6 Busselton 17 9 8 0 0 0 946 1061 89.16 36
7 Eaton Boomers 17 8 9 0 0 0 1007 1050 95.90 32
8 Harvey Bulls 17 5 12 0 0 0 968 1100 88.00 20
9 Augusta Margaret River Football Club 17 4 13 0 0 0 728 1446 50.35 16
10 Donnybrook 17 3 14 0 0 0 647 1420 45.56 12