Fixtures For 2019 Released

The South West Football League have released the fixtures for the 2019 season, which will see many changes compared to the 2018 fixturing.

This season there will be 43 Saturday matches compared to 46 in 2018, however the number of night matches has been reduced significantly to just 21.

Another change this year will be that four Women’s matches will be played last across the duration of the season, which will mean there will be League fixtures this season starting at 1.10pm, 2.20pm, 2.30pm, 3.20pm, 4.30pm or 4.40pm dependent on who is playing who and where.

The Foundation Day Derby, a marquee game for the South West Football League will not be on the Public Holiday Monday, and will be played on a Sunday.

The fixtures are also not quite a true home and away with the same teams playing in rounds eight and fourteen. (instead of round eight and seventeen).  This was due to a number of factors.

The season will start a week earlier than last season on Saturday, 6 April 2019 with four Saturday matches, with three Byes across the season, one for Easter, one for GTM and one for Landmark.

Augusta Margaret River do not have any Twilight Matches at home in 2019, with just two away twilight matches for the season.

Bunbury will have four twilight fixtures, their first home game is in round three against reigning champions Donnybrook.

Busselton have four twilight fixtures and three league fixtures in the Late Afternoon time slot of 3.30pm to allow the Women’s matches to play last.

Carey Park have six games at night, with their first home fixture in round three.

Collie Eagles play the least amount of Twilight fixtures – just one in round five against Harvey Bulls, have 10 Saturday fixtures, five of which are at home.

Donnybrook will play their first two games at home, and play Bunbury in round three at PC Payne Park.

Eaton Boomers have just three twilight fixtures and have the most Sunday games of any club with twelve.

Harvey Brunswick Leschenault have six twilight fixtures, all by round ten, and have eleven Saturday fixtures.

Harvey Bulls won’t play a day game until round six, and have 7 twilight fixtures in total.

South Bunbury have the equal highest amount of twilight games along with the Bulls, with seven under lights.

Full fixtures are on the website, round by round, while team fixtures can be found of the Club page, again round by round.