Footy Budget To Go Digital

After 67 years of having a printed footy budget, the SWFL will this season produce a digital footy budget which will be interactive, yet still keep all of the features of the printed format.

Recognised as the official journal of the SWFL, the digital format will have the ability to have real time team lists, the ability to view scores from other grounds, goal kickers and best players, all from your iPad, laptop, iphone or android device.

For sponsors and advertisers, patrons who click on the advertisement will be taken directly to the website of the company, allowing them to monitor traffic to their websites.

The new digital budget will have links to playhq, for every game as a separate and individual QR code, if the team line-up on the page differs.

It will also have links to previous matches that you can watch from the comfort of your car on a rainy day or during breaks in play.

Printed versions will be available for both the Women’s and Men’s Grand Finals.