Hands Oval Construction Site

Parts of Hands Oval are now officially a construction site, as works commence on the demolition and new build of the level four, AFL Facility.

The Clarke Street entrance is now a Construction entrance only and the gate will be locked at all times when construction workers are not on site.

Construction fencing is now in place that runs parallel with the race at the South Bunbury Football Club back to the perimeter fence at Spencer Street, and long the spectator fence on the wing all the way down to the Clark Street entrance gate.   The pedestrian gate is now also locked on the corner of Spencer and Clarke Street.

All entry for spectators, players and officials will now only be via the Halsey Street entrance at the Southern end of Hands Oval.  Parking around the ground is still available, but there is no longer 360 degree access around the venue.  Patrons are asked to be patient leaving the venue during the day as the ground is now restricted to one entry/exit point.

Temporary facilities (changerooms, toilets and showers) are now in place for players and umpires and will remain in place until the completion of the project.

Entry into the construction site is strictly prohibited.