Harvey End Hawks Season In Thriller

Harvey Bulls have ended Augusta Margaret Rivers season, after winning a thrilling Elimination Final at Harvey Oval on Saturday night in the opening round of the SWFL Final Series.

If not at the ground, people could be excused for thinking the game was played in heavy rain with such a low score line, but in reality, apart from being bitterly cold, it was a high quality game, dominated by both defences.

The Hawks scored first, but the Bulls kicked the next two, before the visitors kicked their second to take a three point lead into the first break.

The second quarter was even tighter than the first, with both teams kicking just one goal, with the Hawks one point up at the main break.

Goals were as rare as hens teeth in the third, with both teams again managing a goal apiece, with scores tied, in what was going to be the last break of the season for one of the two teams.

The final quarter was a thriller, with both teams having golden opportunities to kick goals, and as the match neared its conclusion, both had chances to win the match.   The irony of the final result was it was the biggest margin of the match.  The lead changed seven times during the match, one of the best League games of the Season.

The Bulls will now play either Collie or Harvey Brunswick Leschenault next Sunday in a First Semi Final, either in Collie or Brunswick.   It is the third consecutive victory in an Elimination Final for the Harvey Bulls.  For Augusta Margaret River, the season ends, after a great second half of the season.

Earlier, Bunbury marched into the Women’s Grand Final keeping the Harvey Bulls scoreless.  Trish Lake kicked all four of Bunbury’s goals.

The Reserves match was a one-sided affair, with South Bunbury comfortable winners in the Qualifying Final.  South Bunbury will now play the undefeated Harvey Brunswick Leschenault side next Sunday either in Bunbury or Brunswick.  Bunbury will have to wait to find out who they will play in the first semi final, with Collie and Carey Park to play tomorrow in the Elimination Final.

In the opening match of the day, South Bunbury kicked three goals in time-on to steal the Elimination Final from Augusta Margaret River in a thrilling Colts match.  South Bunbury will advance to play either Busselton or Harvey Brunswick Leschenault in the First Semi Final next Sunday.

Match Centre


Harvey Bulls   2.2.14  3.7.25  4.9.33  7.12.54
Aug-Marg River   2.5.17  3.8.26  4.9.33  5.13.43

Goals: Harvey Bulls – J. Egan 3, J. Pickett, B. Lofthouse, D. Rumble, A. Boone. Aug-Marg River – C. Melvin, S. Payne, J. Price, M. Payne, M. Lynn.
Best: Harvey Bulls – B. Jones, J. Egan, R. Shemeld, R. Anzellino, J. Krispyn, B. Lofthouse. Aug-Marg River – J. Price, B. Gerrans,L. Adams, M. Lynn, S. Payne, H. Morgan.
Umpires: Adam Hauswirth, Shane Miller, Matthew Stewart
Reports:  Nil
Ground:  Harvey Oval
Attendance: 1100 approx


South Bunbury   3.5.23  5.6.36  10.12.72  13.14.92|
Bunbury  0.0.0  1.4.10  1.4 10  6.6.42

Goals: South Bunbury – R. Hutcheson 4, K. Francis 3, J. Dix, J. Walton 2, A. Wasilew, D. Wilkinson. Bunbury – A. Harvey 2, B. Cousins, S. Vandkerly, D. Partington, C. Ireland.
Best: South Bunbury – G. Harries, J. Wilson, R. Chatt, S. Cox, B. Earl, N. Hale. Bunbury – A. Harvey, G. Mwanangela, B. Hazelwood, T. Myles, C. Busher, D. Lloyd –Smith.
Umpires: Damien O’Donoghue, Scott Golder, Geoff Purdue
Reports:  Nil
Ground:  Harvey Oval


South Bunbury    1.4.10  6.5.41  7.7.49  12.9.81
Aug-Marg River   2.1.13  6.2.38  9.5.59  11.8.74

Goals: South Bunbury – R. Flynn, S. Dixon, J. O’Donoghue 2, J. McVee, J. Wright, C. Sawyer, M. Trowles, N. Butler. Aug-Marg River – C. White 5, D. Biluta 2, B. Del Fante, E. McShane, C. Smith.
Best: South Bunbury – J. Crossman, J. O’Donoghue, S. Dixon, C. Volli, R. Versace, J. Montgomerie. Aug-Marg River – J. Buckland, B. Del Fante, E. McShane, B. Rose-Gemming, C. White, G. Wrightson.
Umpires:  Michael Hearne, Shane Lindley, Kyle Pratt
Reports: Nil
Ground: Harvey Oval


Bunbury               3.0          3.2          3.5          4.9          33
Harvey Bulls       0.0          0.0          0.0          0.0          0

Goals: Bunbury – T. Lake 4.
Best: Bunbury – L. Taylor, A. Fletcher, C. Zappia, S. Proudfoot, C. Allen, L. Fransen. Harvey Bulls – C. Bayliss, M. Bedford, R. Fry, M. Mullins, C. Faulkner, S. Atherton.
Umpires: David Bell, Brad Fishwick
Reports: Nil
Ground:  Harvey Oval