Harvey Fisher Wins Colts Medal

Augusta Margaret River’s Harvey Fisher has won the Dale Alcock Homes SW Colts Medal for the Fairest & Best Player in the competition by one vote, in a thrilling finish to the Colts Medal.

Fisher, who scored 21 votes by round eighteen, never polled a vote in the final four fixtures, while Bunbury’s Baiden Parsons scored nine votes across four games to finish the season, one vote behind Fisher.  The Hawks who were desperately unlucky not to play finals, falling out of the five in the final round, also had the third highest vote getter in Samuel Graham who was second after twelve rounds.

Peter Woods (Bunbury), Sam Goldstone (Dunsborough) and William Pedley (South Bunbury) all scored 15 votes to finish in the top six.

Fisher was award four best on ground performances from the Umpires in his total of 21 votes and is the first Hawks player to win the medal since Clint Beavis in 2003.


Name Club Total Name Club Total Name Club  Total
Harvey Fisher AMR 21 Jayden Collard Carey Park 14 Sam Goldstone Dunsborough 15
Samuel Graham AMR 17 Cam Baker Carey Park 12 Harris Craig Dunsborough 11
Austin Dempsey AMR 11 Chayse Martinson Carey Park 9 Jude Mazzucchelli Dunsborough 9
William Hadley AMR 10 Jai Cahill Carey Park 5 Caydhen Black Dunsborough 9
Byron George AMR 7 Harry Jones Carey Park 5 Matthew Burgess Dunsborough 5
Tahn Payne AMR 5 Luke Hutchinson Carey Park 5 Rohan Stokes Dunsborough 5
Dylan Hallyburton AMR 4 Jack DiLallo Carey Park 4 Che Mahood Dunsborough 4
William Cassidy AMR 3 Manasseh Milham Carey Park 4 Noah Sykes Dunsborough 3
Darcy Currell AMR 2 Beshaun Maher Carey Park 3 Kaiya Phillips Dunsborough 2
Mitch Miller AMR 1 Brandon Hill Carey Park 3 Luca Davis Dunsborough 2
Total 81 Evan Hill Carey Park 3 Patrick Stewart Dunsborough 2
John Schilling Carey Park 3 Rory Calhoun Dunsborough 1
Baiden Parsons Bunbury 20 Kallum Beauclarke Carey Park 2 Brodie Gould Dunsborough 1
Peter Woods Bunbury 15 Mitchell Russell Carey Park 2 Total 69
Jett Woods Bunbury 12 Kye Axell Carey Park 2
Luka Coulson Bunbury 11 Liam Fazey Carey Park 2 Kade O’Dine Eaton Boomers 4
Trae Field Bunbury 9 Griffin Hyde Carey Park 1 Kade Collard Eaton Boomers 2
Kaedyn Brady Bunbury 6 Te-sean Hart Carey Park 1 Bailey Brook Eaton Boomers 1
Fraser Gilchrist Bunbury 6 Total 80 Kynan Pridmore Eaton Boomers 1
Lucas Andrews Bunbury 4 Lachlan Kent Eaton Boomers 1
Charlie Bell Bunbury 3 Robert Chitty Collie Eagles 14 Thomas Harris Eaton Boomers 1
Alby Kongras Bunbury 2 Zac Reuben Collie Eagles 4 Total 10
Michael Kavanagh BUnbury 2 Reeve Gooch Collie Eagles 4
Millar Newport Bunbury 2 Jake Pitchers Collie Eagles 3 Jordan Rakowski Harvey Bulls 5
Cody Ryan Bunbury 1 Liam Wilson Collie Eagles 3 Jack Spence Harvey Bulls 4
Rohan Ashworth Bunbury 1 Hayden Mears Collie Eagles 3 Christian Tirili Harvey Bulls 3
Total 94 Max Ireland Collie Eagles 3 Domenic Celisano Harvey Bulls 3
Reece Pilatti Collie Eagles 2 Patrick Thomas Harvey Bulls 2
Sean Okumu Busselton 8 Sheymus Carter Collie Eagles 1 Daniel McKenna Harvey Bulls 1
Cooper Brown Busselton 7 Kane Hindle Collie Eagles 1 Liam Weedon Harvey Bulls 1
Francis Toovey Busselton 7 Total 38 Lui Celisano Harvey Bulls 1
Seth Matteo Busselton 6 Matthew Wilson Harvey Bulls 1
Matthew Hunt Busselton 6 Kyle Hussey Donnybrook 11 Total 21
Benjamin Taylor Busselton 5 Ryan Babich Donnybrook 10
Tyler Lindbert Busselton 5 Cooper Clarke-Dehring Donnybrook 7 Josh Tartaglia HBL 11
Brodie Macartney Busselton 4 Jy Bolton Donnybrook 6 Max Rognetta HBL 11
Elijah Kelly Busselton 3 Roman Torrisi Donnybrook 3 Billy Boucher HBL 6
Jack Barnes Busselton 3 Clay Jackson Donnybrook 2 Marcus Jodrell HBL 6
Lachlan Wood Busselton 3 Tyler King Donnybrook 2 Charlie Black HBL 5
Codey Stanley Busselton 3 Scott Tuia Donnybrook 2 Whiu Pitman HBL 5
Ashley Woods Busselton 3 Mitchell Kendle Donnybrook 1 Lain Haunold HBL 5
Benjamin Ganzer Busselton 3 Sebastian Pinzone Donnybrook 1 Noah Mills HBL 4
Michael Burns Busselton 3 Euan Tuia Donnybrook 1 Ned Gualter HBL 4
Kaiden Radich Busselton 1 Tommie Cooper Donnybrook 1 Jackson Cuxson HBL 3
Jack Brockliss Busselton 1 Trent Brown Donnybrook 1 Shaun Arrowsmith HBL 3
Nicholas Tucker Busselton 1 Total 48 Pierce Ferguson HBL 3
Total 72 Jude Harrop HBL 2
Taj Sims HBL 2
Jackson Cooper HBL 1
Luke Crane HBL 1
Total 72
William Pedley South Bunbury 15
Beau Depiazzi South Bunbury 11
Jack Gallagher South Bunbury 6
Leon Kickett South Bunbury 6
Jayden Kelly South Bunbury 3
Declan O’Connor South Bunbury 3
Tyson Laine South Bunbury 3
Lachlan Princi South Bunbury 3
Tom Smith South Bunbury 3
Jedd Tickner South Bunbury 2
Tyson Giles South Bunbury 2
Total 57