How Your Club Scored At The Hayward Medal

In the aftermath of a highly successful Hayward Medal count on Friday night, we look at each club and how they performed.

Mitch Lynn dominated the voting for Augusta Margaret River, polling in eight games, including five best on ground performances in the eyes of the Umpires.  Momentarily in round seventeen he drew level with eventual winner, Travis Cleggett.  The club was awarded with 63 total votes, equal fourth in the Hayward Medal Count.

Augusta Margaret River Votes
Mitch Lynn 20
Jacob Payne 7
Seve Grantis 7
James Price 6
Max Paterson 5
Mark Semini 4
Mitch Payne 3
Mitch Gerrans 3
David Hill 2
Harry Morgan 2
Steve Payne 2
Lincoln Adams 1
Jacob Oakes 1
Total Votes 63

Blair Della Franca scored the highest amount of votes for the Bunbury Bulldogs, polling in seven matches, including four games where he was awarded three votes.  Bunbury had the second most amount of players to be awarded votes, one less than Harvey Brunswick Leschenault.  Jordan Falco finished second for Bunbury with 12 votes, while Brett Peake was awarded three best on grounds performances, polling 10 points.

Bunbury Votes
Blair Della Franca 15
Jordan Falco 12
Brett Peake 10
Patrick Farrant 8
Kyle Bassett 4
Aidan Clarke 3
Harry Creasey 3
Connor Walker 3
Kane Buhmann 3
Braiden McMullen 2
Cody Hay 2
Asten Preedy 2
Cam Lamonica 2
Cullen Boyd 2
Matthew Doherty 2
Total Votes 73

Busselton had a very quiet count, with the equal least amount of players of any club to poll votes.  Aidan Fraser led the way for the Magpies with 10 votes, polling five times, including two best on ground performances against South Bunbury and Carey Park late in the season.

Busselton Votes
Aidan Fraser 10
Mitchell Lague 6
Jackson Arbon 4
Jeb Kemp 4
Chris Puff 2
Matt Welburn 1
Sam Shepherd 1
Total Votes 28

Carey Park like their eventual ladder position had the least amount of votes in the Hayward Medal count.  Jordan Yarran and Jayden Wilson scored five votes each, with Kris Miller the only player to be awarded 3 votes in a match throughout the season.

Carey Park Votes
Jordan Yarran 5
Jayden Wilson 5
Kris Miller 3
Tim Yarran 3
Jamahl Mulholland 2
Eli Hill 2
Chris McMillan 1
Jake Thurston 1
Total Votes 22

Travis Cleggett won the 72nd Hayward Medal count with 25 votes, winning by five.  Cleggett polled votes in eleven games, including four best on ground performances.  Cleggett was consistent throughout the season, polling six – two votes.  The first ever winner for the Collie Eagles, Cleggett scored two votes in round one and three votes in round two.  He then polled in rounds four, five and six (2,1,2), a further two votes in round eight, before being best on ground in round ten against Harvey Bulls.  Another best on ground performance against South Bunbury in round twelve had Cleggett in front in the count, and he went further in front in round thirteen, when awarded two votes against Bunbury, who stormed home at the Collie Recreation Ground to win a thriller.  Cleggett didn’t poll a vote in rounds fourteen and fifteen, which enabled other players including the Hawks Mitch Lynn to close the gap, but Cleggett received three votes in round sixteen against Busselton to lead by three.  The result was put beyond doubt in round seventeen, when the twenty one year old was awarded two votes.

Kyle Shanahan polled well (six times), with the Collie Eagles polling more votes than any other team.

Collie Eagles Votes
Travis Cleggett 25
Kyle Shanahan 12
Teke Vernon 8
Joel Houghton 8
Corey Griggs 6
Paul Rinder 6
Jayce Fontana 5
Blake Shanahan 3
Jack Davidson 2
Cam Davidson 2
Total Votes 79

Kieran Hug polled extremely well for the Dons, to finish equal second in the count.  Hug polled in nine games, three of them best on ground performances.  Sam Lowrie also polled well, but didn’t poll in the final three games, after scoring ten votes in a five game stretch between rounds 11 to round 15.

Donnybrook Votes
Kieran Hug 20
Sam Lowrie 14
Brendan Page 5
Todd Gregory 3
Jayden D’Vauz 3
Jacob Green 3
Shane Cristaldi 3
Stephen Beal 3
Luke Dale 2
Sean Lynch 1
Total Votes 57

Chris Atthowe again proved highly consistent, polling in 10 games and was the leader after six rounds where he had eleven votes.  The Boomers only had seven players to poll votes, but Blake Piggott and Jace Cormack were regular names in the top three throughout the season

Eaton Boomers Votes
Chris Atthowe 19
Blake Piggott 13
Jace Cormack 12
Michael Russell 3
Will Oelsnik 2
Josh Battaglia 2
Tyler Patterson 3
Total Votes 53

Brendon Jones was the best for Harvey Bulls with fourteen votes, with the Bulls having an even spread of player polling votes over the course of the season.  Jones scored in six games, with Brett Lofthouse, Dean Miller and Thomas Smith all scoring eight votes.

Harvey Bulls Votes
Brendon Jones 14
Brett Lofthouse 8
Dean Miller 8
Thomas Smith 8
Jacob Pickett 4
Darren Rumble 4
Josh Krispyn 4
Rodney Shemeld 3
David Faulkner 3
Logan Egerton-Green 2
Kyle Hickman 1
Total Votes 63

The Lions won the Club Championship Award on the night and had the most players of any club to poll votes. Kristin Thornton started well with eight votes after four rounds, eventually finishing with twelve.  Eli Smith figured in six games, while Lloyd Beever scored nine votes, all best on ground performances.

Harvey Brunswick Leschenault Votes
Kristin Thornton 12
Eli Smith 10
Lloyd Beever 9
James Hawkesley 6
Tyson Wood 5
Jack Quinn 3
Luke Slater 3
Jarrad Watson 3
Cameron Pether 3
Dylan Heasman 3
Ty Armitage 2
Bailey Taylor 2
Ryan McKinlay 2
Zachariah Piper 1
Ty Anderson 1
Mathew Fenwick 1
Total Votes 66

South Bunbury’s votes chart mirrors their season, with most of the votes received in the first seven rounds. The Tigers scored just eleven votes in the final eleven rounds.  Matt Giacci and Leigh Kohlmann were the only players to poll three times.

South Bunbury Votes
Matt Giacci 7
Leigh Kohlmann 6
Jaxon Bell 5
Dale Wilkinson 4
Joshua Ryder 3
Kyle Hams 3
Michael Thompson 2
Ryan Bennell 2
Kurt Cadman 1
Craig Hutcheson 1
Damon Bull 1
Jordan Corbett 1
Total Votes 36