Welcome to your new wordpress installation

To login go to this page

Your user name is : admin    Your password is : koala99

If you wish to add a new item these are the steps you must take:

  1. login then look to the left hand page and the dashboard
  2. there you should find POSTS click on this and it will say ADD POST
  3. a new screen will come up put your heading in the top bar and then write your information in the box below
  4. if you wish to add an image go to the left right side and scroll down until you see SET FEATURED IMAGE
  5. click this and a new screen will appear which says set featured image go to UPLOAD FILES on your left and click then click the box which says collect files which is in the middle of the page this is take you to your computers files from there you can download a picture
  6. You image will come up in the media library and you simply click the button down the bottom on the right hand side which says set featured image
  7. You will be taken back to your post
  8. On the right hand side you will see a box labelled categories click the category NEWS then above this box you will see  a button which says publish click this button and you are all done……nothing else needs to be done

If you wish to add a sponsor these are the steps you must take:

  1. on the left hand side where your dashboard is you will see a button called Logos click this
  2. it will bring you to the logo’s page from there you will see a button which says ADD LOGO click this button
  3. you will be taken to the add logo page
  4. at the top is a box which says ADD HEADING HERE do that
  5. below is a box which says URL this is the link you want the logo to go to so for example for swfl you would put  its the internet address of the company
  6. You just put the companies name in the descritopn box
  7. Then as with a post you will see a SET FEATURED IMAGE button the process is the same however the logos on this site are set at 250px by 125 px so it is a good idea to use photoshop or some version of it to crop the images or reduce them
  8. On the left hand side is the categories tick sponsor
  9. above this is a button SAVED click this and you are all done


The league ladder is easily changed

  1. go to your dashboard and click appearance
  2. under this button you will now see a list click the WIDGETS button
  3. this will bring you to the widgets screen if you look to your right you will see a widget labelled SIDEBAR
  4. click this button and you will see 3 buttons click the one which says LEAGUE LADDER
  5. then you simple change the text within the box as you see fit and then go to the bottom and click the SAVE button

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask if you wish to explore the wordpress system further there are a number of video’s available on youtube

a back up copy of the files has been kept

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