Lions Cause Stunning Upset

Harvey Brunswick Leschenault have caused a massive upset, defeating the defending premiers at Gloucester Park on Saturday afternoon before a small crowd, as the opening game of round seven of the SWFL season.

The Hawks may have been missing several League players from the line-up, but the Lions could smell blood early despite Jack Hick kicking the opening goal.

The opening goal by Hick was immediately answered by Jarrod Humphries, with a further goal to follow two minutes later putting the Lions in front.  Blake Offer extended the margin to twelve points at the six minute mark, which had already produced four goals.   The home side then started to control the ball and Mitch Payne would then snap a great goal to reduce the margin.  But like the Hawks first goal, their second was immediately answered, with HBL leading by 15 points at quarter time.

Kicking with the aide of the breeze in the second quarter, it took ten minutes for the opening goal via Nic Broad, and when Mitch Payne snapped a goal from the behind post, the Hawks trailed by two points.  The margin was three points as the second term entered time on, with a relayed free kick awarded to Seann Arrowsmith extending the margin to nine.  Two minutes later Blake Offer kicked his second from a set shot, with Humphries receive a free kick right on the half time siren, which he duly converted to give the Lions a 22 point lead at half time.

The third quarter belonged to HBL and Jarrod Humphries kicking another, followed by a set shot goal from Zavier Williams.  When Ty Anderson kicked a long range goal at the nineteen minute mark, the margin was 47 points in a stunning quarter of football, with the Hawks defence under siege from relentless forward entries.

The margin at the final change was 41 points, with the Hawks dominating possession early in the final term and missed three set shots in the opening four minutes.  As is usually the case, HBL went down the other end and Jarrod Humphries kicked his sixth.  Humphries would kick another to finish with seven.  Going into the match the brilliant forward had kicked 50% of the Lions goals, by kicking seven he kept that average going, with 22 goals for the season.

Humphries effort was a best on ground performance, with Jack Fletcher and Seann Arrowsmith also getting plenty of the ball.  Linc Adams never gave up, again playing a great game for the Hawks, with Seve Grantis and Jared Cook also playing well.

The Hawks now drop to fifth and can drop out of the five at the end of the round if the Harvey Bulls can defeat Donnybrook.  The Lions have now moved to ninth with a match against Dunsborough in round eight.  The Hawks will have the bye, which will undoubted see them fall to the bottom half of the table.

Match Centre
Harvey Brunswick Leschenault  4.4.28  7.6.48  12.8.80  14.8.92
Augusta Margaret River   2.0.12  4.2.26  6.3.39  9.8.62

Goals:  Harvey Brunswick Leschenault – Jarrod Humphries 7, Seann Arrowsmith 2, Blake Offer 2, Ty Anderson 1, Ty Armitage 1, Zavier Williams 1.  Augusta Margaret River –  Jack Hick 3, Mitch Payne 3, Nicholas Broad 1, Blake DelFante 1, Garry Moss 1.
Best: Harvey Brunswick LeschenaultJarrod Humphries, Jack Fletcher, Seann Arrowsmith, Ty Anderson, Blake Offer, Ned Gualter.  Augusta Margaret River – Lincoln Adams, Seve Grantis, Mitchell Payne, Jared Cook, Byron George, Zac Dronow
Ground:  Gloucester Park
Umpires:  Aaron Andrews, Braden Surrall
Reports:  Nil
Crowd: 386

Lions celebrating one of Jarrod Humphries seven goals. All Photos courtesy of Theron Kirkman Photography