Lions Take Win Over Boomers

Harvey Brunswick Leschenault have defeated Eaton at Glen Huon Reserve on Sunday afternoon, by 22 points as part of round eighteen of the SWFL Premiership Season.

It only took two minutes for the Lions to score, with a snap from Brandon Janssen putting the Lions in front, ultimately for the entire match.  After missing three relatively easy shots, Cameron Pether snapped truly from the goal square and after just seven minutes, the Lions were in front by fifteen points.   Despite not kicking a goal in the opening term, the Boomers started to arrest some control back from the visitors in the second half of the quarter.

The Lions extended the margin further at the start of the second, with Ty Anderson kicking a goal from long range, and when Brendan Stemp converted, the Boomer trailed by twenty three points.  Jackson Hill eventually kicked the Boomers first and shortly after Greg Humphries reduced the margin to eleven points.

The third quarter belonged to the Lions, with Anderson kicking his second but shortly after Jackson Hill scored after a 50m penalty. With the margin back to eleven points, the visitors would then kick four unanswered goals to have a game high 37 point lead at the final break.

Despite the Boomers best efforts, kicking five final quarter goals, the Lions were able to record a comfortable 22 point victory.

Harv Bruns Lesch  2.3.15  4.7.31  9.9.63  12.10.82
Eaton  0.2.2  2.7.19  3.8.26  8.12.60

Goals:  Harvey Brunswick Leschenault – James Finucane 3, Ty Anderson 2, Connor Carbone 1, Brandon Janssen 1, Joshua O’Day 1, Cameron Pether 1, Brendan Stemp 1, Joshua Tartaglia 1, Taj Timewell 1.   Eaton – Jackson Hill 3, Greg Humphries 2, Heath Ryder 2, Kaed Collard 1.
Best:  Harvey Brunswick Leschenault – Connor Carbone, Ty Anderson, Brendan Stemp, James Finucane, Brandon Janssen, Seann Arrowsmith.  EatonJosh Bowe, Jackson Hill, Paul Rinder, Brendan Craig, Gregory Humphries, James Chadwick.
Ground:  Glen Huon Reserve
Umpires:  Vance Burton, Daniel Ebert
Reports: Nil
Crowd: 600