New Holland State Country Program

The WACFL is excited to announce the New Holland State Program is ready to go again in season 2022.

After being an Assistant Coach for the inaugural WACFL New Holland State Country Women’s team last year, Gemma Harrison has been appointed the Head Coach of the Women’s team ahead of its clash against the Perth Football League under lights at Fremantle Community Bank Oval on Friday 24th June. The WACFL looks forward to the second instalment of this now annual event as we endeavour to defend our 2021 victory. The WACFL selection panel will be selecting the best players from the Leagues that have nominated teams for the 2022 Nutrien Ag Country Championships which will be held in Perth in September.

We are also excited to announce that our WACFL New Holland State Country Men’s team will recommence their traditional game against South Australia in 2022. This year’s game will return to Adelaide Oval on Saturday 30th July. Kane Benson has been appointed Coach of the team and is looking to make it back-to-back victories against the Croweaters following WA’s success in the most recent fixture at Optus Stadium in 2019.

The last time the side travelled they recorded an agonising 5-point defeat at Adelaide Oval in 2018. The selection panel will be looking to engage players in the lead up to the 2022 Nutrien Ag Country Championships with the focus being on selecting players that represent their respective Leagues as part of Championships to be held in Perth 8-10 July.

The WACFL would like to take this opportunity to thank Michelle Harris, the inaugural coach of the WACFL New Holland Women’s State Team in 2021 and Craig Walker for his 7 years of commitment as Head Coach of the WACFL New Holland State Country Men’s team.