New Umpire Enjoying Having The Best Seat In The House

Jacob Rodgers may have only officiated in three games, but already he is loving the challenge of Field Umpiring in the SWFL.   Having never umpired a game before in his life, Rodgers has taken up the challenge to take up Field Umpiring, and is improving with every game.

1. Years of Experience?  2 months!  3 Games

2.  Why did you take up Umpiring?  I wanted to get involved in footy again but hadn’t played in a long time.  Umpiring offered the opportunity to get amongst it, get fit and earn a bit of money doing it.

3. Food you eat before a game?  Porridge with berries, honey and banana and an oaty slice bar!

4. AFL Team:  The Mighty Port Power.

5. What is the best thing about Umpiring?  It is a fun way to stay fit and healthy whilst having the best seat in the house.

6. Why should people get into Umpiring?  Footy umpiring is a great way to challenge yourself, meet new people, keep active and earn a bit of dosh.

Jacob will officiate in the Womens match at Donnybrook on Saturday with Cameron Edmonds.  A presentation will be made before each League game to recognise the Community Umpiring Round.