Panthers To Host Eagles On Sunday

Carey Park will host Collie Eagles on Sunday at Kelly Park in round three of the Dale Alcock Homes South West, SWFL Premiership Season, with the Panthers having the opportunity to start the season 3-0.

The Panthers two victories have come at the expense of Bunbury and Harvey Brunswick Leschenault, both by less than a goal, while the Eagles have been competitive but highly inaccurate in their opening two matches, with 7 goals 19 behinds in their opening two games.

In round two, the Panthers stayed in touch with the Lions and wore their opponent down in the dying stages to take the win.  Conversely the Eagles for the second match in a row, didn’t kick a goal in the first half, but showed competitive signs against the Bulls, and if they can rectify the slow starts and kick accurately they can apply pressure to the Panthers at Kelly Park.

Bill Brown, Jaxon Bell and Rory O’Brien are consistently amongst the best for Carey Park and are three players the Eagles will need to nullify if they are to have a chance of victory on Sunday.

Match Times:  Colts 9.45am, Reserves 11.40am, Women’s 1.30pm, League 3.00pm
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Rory O’Brien continues to play great football, playing his 433rd career match on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Wayne Hislop.