Panthers To Host Wounded Boomers

Carey Park will host Eaton on Saturday afternoon at Kelly Park, in round seven of the Dale Alcock Homes South West premiership season, with the Boomers looking to respond after their humiliating defeat at the hands of Bunbury in round six, and the resignation of their coach, Chris Kinninmont.

The Boomers loss to the tune of 159 points last week, won’t be helped by the fact they face Carey Park tomorrow, who defeated the previously undefeated Harvey Brunswick Leschenault, also at Kelly Park.

The Panthers were engaged in a great tussle, but the third quarter in which the home side kicked five unanswered goals in quick succession, was the catalyst for the 23 point win and an elevation to sixth place on the ladder.

The Boomers are averaging just 44 points per game, with 9.7.61 against Dunsborough in round two their highest score, which will be a score they may wish to emulate on Saturday afternoon with Windy conditions forecast.  They will also need to shut down the Carey Park youngsters who ran continuously last weekend against the Lions, if they are to cause an upset.  The match commences at 3.10pm.

Match Details
Colts 11.20am, Reserves 1.15pm, League 3.10pm, Women’s 5.20pm
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