Panthers Win At Home Against Sharks

Carey Park have defeated a depleted Dunsborough line-up by 113 points, in Sunday’s round eleven Dale Alcock Homes South West fixture at Kelly Park.

The match started with both defences on top, with the first goal not coming until the eight minute mark when Rory O’Brien kicked truly from a set shot.  Six minutes later Jack Goyder goaled for the Sharks and Dunsborough looked up for the fight, with scores level.

Unfortunately for Dunsborough, Carey Park would kick the next eighteen goals of the match, with the game over at half time.

Luke Hutchinson played a good game for the Panthers. Wayne Hislop photo.

Luke Hutchinson snapped a goal from the pocket later in the quarter followed by a soccer goal from long range by Brady Lenaghan to give the home side a 14 point lead at the end of the opening term.

The Panthers peppered the goals in the second term, before finally Connor Gadecki found the major opening, eleven minutes into the second quarter.  The ball was living exclusively in the Panthers half of the ground, with Ryan King receiving a free kick soon after, after which goals flowed, with Hutchinson, Kelvin Lawrence and Brayden Lawler all  contributing to the scoreboard late in the second term.

The second half was sadly a procession, with the Sharks stuck on 1.4.10 which is also what they kicked in round ten, their lowest ever score.  Seventeen minutes into the final term or three quarters and three minutes after they kicked their first, Paris Murdock kicked a great goal from deep in the pocket, but that was one of very few highlights for the Sharks, who are desperate for injured players to return.

Brayden Lawler played a great game for the Panthers, and Rory O’Brien somehow always seemed to have plenty of space, while Luke Hutchinson was impressive with five goals.

Carey Park will play Collie in round twelve at Kelly Park, while the Sharks will be heading to Brunswick to take on the Lions.

Match Centre

Carey Park               3.3.21     8.8.56     13.11.89     19.16.130
Dunsborough           1.1.7         1.3.9        1.4.10         2.5.17

Goals:  Carey Park  – Luke Hutchinson 5, Ryan King 4, Brayden Lawler 2, Kelvin Lawrence 2, Brady Lenaghan 2, Rory O’Brien 2, Connor Gadecki 1, Zakary Tetlow 1.  Dunsborough – Jack Goyder 1, Paris Murdock 1.
Best:  Carey Park  – Brayden Lawler, Luke Hutchinson, Zakary Tetlow, Brady Lenaghan, Jaxon Bell, Reece Payne.  Dunsborough – Marcus Lazic, Brad Lawrence, Jake Green, Paris Murdock, Thomas Vellios, James Batterham
Ground:  Kelly Park
Umpires:  Paul Davey, Braden Surrall, Cameron Valenti
Reports:  Nil
Crowd:  604

Photos courtesy of Wayne Hislop