South West Storm Into Grand Final Decider

The Nexus SWFL League team have emphatically stormed into the Nutrien Ag Solutions Grand Final, after thrashing the Ongerup Football Association by 68 points at Mineral Resources Park.

The South West were dealt a good hand in game eight when Avon defeated Peel, basically eliminating them from finals contention, and with Avon playing Upper Great Southern in the final game of the round robin, all South West had to do was been Ongerup.

It didn’t take long for the scoring to start, with Shaun Crane sneaking forward to kick the opening goal.  Kelvin Lawrence drilled a pass soon after inside 50m which Zac Trigwell marked and converted.  Trigwell took another contested mark to kick his second at the ten minute mark, and things didn’t look good for Ongerup, with the ball living in the forward half for the South West.

Scott Price got in on the goal kicking, kicking his first, and when Kelvin Lawrence snapped a goal from 45m out things were getting ugly from a scoring perspective.  Zac Trigwell took another strong mark to kick his third.

Things never really improved to Ongerup in the second half, as the South West poured on the goals, with relentless pressure on the ball carrier, leading to the massive win.  Jon Meadmore who rarely kicks a goal, kicked South Wests only goal in the teams second contest, proved it wasn’t a fluke by sneaking forward to kick a late goal in the second half.

The news comes off the back of some bad news, with star forward Jarrod Humphries breaking a bone in his leg in game three.

The Grand Final will be held at Fremantle Oval on Sunday at 1.05pm with Avon the opponent after defeating Upper Great Southern by two points in the final round robin fixture.

South West  6.0.36  12.3.75
Ongerup  0.0.0  1.1.7

Goals:  South West – Zac Trigwell 3, Ben Horsman 2, Kelvin Lawrence 2, James Chadwick 1, Shaun Crane 1, Jon Meadmore.   Ongerup – Connor Hawkins.
Best:  South West – Jon Meadmore, James Chadwick, Shaun Crane, Zac Trigwell.  Ongerup – Lewis Davis, Charlie Kelsall, Mitchell Smith
Ground: Mineral Resources Park

Photos to follow.

1 South West (Div 1) 4 12 251.56 3 1 0 0 161 64 0 0 0
2 Avon Football Association (Div 1) 4 12 107.08 3 1 0 0 121 113 0 0 0
3 Upper Great Southern Football League (Div 1) 4 8 171.95 2 2 0 1 141 82 0 0 0
4 Peel (Div 1) 4 8 95 2 2 0 1 114 120 0 0 0
5 Ongerup (Div 1) 4 0 13.19 0 4 0 1 24 182 0 0 0