South West Two From Two!

The Apprentice & Traineeship Co SWFL Colts team have finished the opening day of the CBH Group, Nutrien Ag Country Championships undefeated, after dominating their second match against the Pilbara

It took just four minutes for Fraser Gilchrist to take the ball out of the ruck from a boundary throw-in, and snap the opening goal, as the South West looked sharp.

The Pilbara defense was under siege as the South West had multiple forward entries, with Seann Arrowsmith kicking a clever goal, as he picked the ball up as it appeared to be going through for a behind, snapping it through the major opening.  Two minutes later, courtesy of an advantage call, Angus McDonald strolled into goal to give the SWFL a twenty point lead at the twelve minute mark.

Pilbara tried their running game, but it came unstuck time and time again as the rain started to fall, with Lachlan Princi pouncing on a ground ball to kick an excellent goal on the run from 40m, giving the SWFL side a 27 point lead at half time.

Rohan Grout opened the scoring in the second half, extending the margin further, while Peter Woods soon after kicked probably the goal of the match, with some classic roving from a boundary throw-in, to make the margin 40 points.  Grout would kick his second of the half with five minutes to play, as the SWFL easily accounted for the Pilbara.

Although the forwards dominated, the play was set up in the middle with William Pedley playing a really good game, and the overall bigger bodies of the South West players too much for the Pilbara.

The South West have one further fixture to play in the Pool stage, with a match against Great Southern Storm at 11.00am on Friday morning.  A win will guarantee a Grand Final appearance at 4.00pm at Sir Ross McLarty Oval in Pinjarra, although it is almost impossible for the South West to miss the Grand Final based on their massive percentage, conceding just 13 points in two games.

Match Centre
South West 4.4.28  7.7.49
Pilbara  0.1.1  0.3.3

Goals:  South West – Rohan Grout 2, Seann Arrowsmith 1, Fraser Gilchrist 1, Angus McDonald 1, Lachlan Princi 1, Peter Woods 1.
Best: South West – Seann Arrowsmith, William Pedley, Lachlan Emmott, Peter Woods.  PilbaraJacob Armstrong, Kye Rumble, Rowrow Whitby, Jalen Bonney
Ground: Lain Group Stadium, Mandurah


Game 6 – Regional Districts 5.5.35 def Kimberley Spirit 3.3.21 (Pool 2)
Game 5 – South West 7.3.45 def Peel 1.4.10 (Pool 1)
Game 4 – Great Northern 7.2.44 def Avon 1.2.8 (Pool 2)
Game 3 – Great Southern Storm 2.5.17 def Pilbara 2.0.12 (Pool 1)
Game 2 – Great Northern 7.3.45 def Regional Districts 2.1.13 (Pool 2)
Game 1 – Peel 9.3.57 def Great Southern Storm 1.3.9 (Pool 1)
1 South West (Colts) 2 8 723.08 2 0 0 1 94 13 0 0 0
2 Peel (Colts) 2 4 124.07 1 1 0 0 67 54 0 0 0
3 Great Southern Storm (Colts) 2 4 37.68 1 1 0 1 26 69 0 0 0
4 Pilbara (Colts) 2 0 22.73 0 2 0 0 15 66 0 0 0

Photos courtesy of Sharyn Newlands