South West Win Country Championships For 24th Time

The South West Football League have today won their 24th West Australian Country Championships, when they thrashed the Avon Football League in the Nutrien Ag Country Championship Grand Final at the WACA, winning by a massive 94 points.

Sam Lewis was in everything.

The Nexus SWFL League team started well and for the second day in a row, Zac Trigwell took a screamer in the goal square to put the first goal on the board in the opening minute.

Soon after Dylan Heasman had a snap at goal with was marked by Ethan Nordahl who converted giving the South West a two goal advantage.

Paul Rinder was penalized 50m for running off the mark which gave Avon their first goal, and when Ugle of Avon snapped truly scores were level.

Zac Trigwell pounced on a defensive error from Avon and snapped his second, before Sam Lewis swooped on another defensive error to kick the South Wests fourth goal right on quarter time, giving the SWFL a twelve point buffer at the first change.

Dylan Heasman played a great game in the Grand Final

The siren had only just finished sounding before the South West had scored their first goal of the second quarter.  At the four minute mark, Dylan Heasman picked the pocket of an Avon defender and strolled into goal to give the South West a 24 point lead.

Lloyd Beever snapped at goal three minutes later but it fell short landing in the arms of Ben Horsman who kicked truly.

Sam Lewis was everywhere, and his defensive pressure caused a turnover leading to a goal to Dylan Patterson.  When Jayen Farrant snapped a goal on his left foot the margin had blown out to 43 points.  The margin became 49 points when Patterson goaled on the run deep in the left pocket, as the game became very one sided prior to half time.

For the third quarter in a row, the South West scored a goal in the first minute of the quarter when Trigwell kicked his third goal from 51 metres as the margin ballooned out to 55 points.  Trigwell marked again and kicked his fourth goal as the South West did as they pleased.

Sam Lewis kicked his third goal after beating two players before dribbling through the South Wests thirteenth goal as the margin became 63 points.  Great forward pressure from Zac Trigwell allowed Sam Lewis to kick his fourth goal, with the margin 71 points at the final change.

Nordahl continued the pain for Avon in the final quarter when he marked and goaled.

The final margin was 94 points, one of the biggest winning margins in Championship history.

The South West had winners all over the ground with only downside being a concussion to Patrick Farrant on Saturday, and Tyson Wood sustaining a hamstring injury in the Grand Final.


South West  4.1.25  10.3.63  14.7.91 17.13.115
Avon  2.1.13  2.2.14  3.2.20  3.3.21

Goals:  South West – Sam Lewis 4, Zac Trigwell 4, Ben Horsman 2, Ethan Nordahl 2, Dylan Patterson 2, Jayen Farrant 1, Dylan Heasman 1, Mitch Tenardi 1.  Avon – Kaidyn Fullgrabe 1, Matthew Rogers 1, Khyle Ugle 1.
Best: Zac Trigwell, Sam Lewis, Zac Pethybridge, Mitch Tenardi, Shaun Crane, Braden Fimmano
Ground:  WACA
Umpires:  Travis Norton, Glenn Omodei, Sam Verdon
JJ Lusick Umpire of Carnival:  Travis Norton (UGS)
Dick Smith Coach of Carnival:  Chris Kinninmont (SWFL)
Jock Coleman F&B of Carnival:  Patrick Farrant (SWFL) & Tom Lee (Avon)
Nutrien Ag Solutions Player of Grand Final:  Zac Trigwell (SWFL)
SWFL All Stars:  Sam Lewis, Mitch Tenardi, Patrick Farrant, Tyson Wood, Zac Trigwell

Captain Shaun Crane and Vice Captain Jon Meadmore, both who played great games, holding the Country Championship Trophy