The League Scenarios

Never before has a season finished like this, with so many scenarios dependent on the results in the final round.  We break it down, game by game, and what it means for your team.

Game 1 – Harvey Brunswick Leschenault v Eaton Boomers

If Harvey Brunswick Leschenault defeat Eaton Boomers, the Boomers can not play finals.  Harvey Bulls and Donnybrook will then fight for fifth place in separate matches.

If the Eaton Boomers win, they will finish their match in fifth place, and in doing so they will eliminate Donnybrook from the finals race.  Harvey Bulls then must defeat Busselton in Game 2 on Saturday evening.  Percentage does not play a part due to the Boomers draw with Collie earlier in the season.

Game 2 – Busselton v Harvey Bulls

Being the evening fixture, Harvey Bulls will know the scenario as they run out to play Busselton.

Regardless of the result Busselton will remain in fourth place and will host an Elimination Final in week one of the finals.

Should Busselton win, Harvey Bulls will be eliminated from the finals race if the Boomers defeat the Lions earlier in the day.

If the Boomers do win, Harvey Bulls simply need to draw or win against Busselton to remain in fifth place and to have a chance of playing finals, eliminating Eaton.

Game 3 – Bunbury v Augusta Margaret River

If Bunbury win, Augusta Margaret River will finish second, and South Bunbury will finish as minor premiers.

If the Hawks win, they must win by between five and eight goals, dependent on the amount kicked against them to take top spot.  Bunbury will finish third and play away in the first week of the finals, either against South Bunbury or Augusta Margaret River.  A live ladder will run while this game is on to help everyone out.

Game 4 – Donnybrook v Carey Park

This match may become a dead rubber if Eaton Boomers defeat Harvey Brunswick Leschenault.

If the Lions win, Donnybrook will need to defeat Carey Park and make up the difference in percentage between them and Harvey, which currently stands at nine percent.

If the Bulls defeat the Magpies, Donnybrook are eliminated from finals also.