This Is Officially The Closest Season Ever!

Never in the history of the SWFL has there been a season quite like this.

In its 60th year, the SWFL is breaking all sorts of records, and there appears to be no end in sight as to how many more will go before this years Grand Final.

Prior to this season, the most draws in a season was five in 1981.  After a spate of draws in rounds five, six and seven, when there were four draws, things had been “relatively’ quite since.  That was until yesterday!

Never in the 60 year history of the SWFL has there been two draws at the same ground on the same day which occurred at Glen Huon Reserve between Eaton Boomers and Donnybrook, in both the Colts and League competitions.  That took the total number of draws for the season to six, the most ever in the history of the SWFL.

The other interesting statistic in relation to the six draws, no two scores have been the same, with one team kicking an extra goal than the other, while the other team has kicked an additional six behinds.

With so many draws, it is hardly surprising that this is now officially the closest season ever, with eighteen League games with a winning margin of 10 points or less, sixteen Reserves games with the margin 12 points or less, while nine Colts matches have had a winning margin of 10 points or less.  This surpasses the 1981 season as well.

In the League competition, apart from the four draws, Sunday’s round 14 result in Collie was the first game to be a one point margin for the season, while four games have been decided by two points.  Collie were beaten after the siren early in the season by three points, while two games have had a four point buffer.  No team has won by five points, with Harvey Bulls the only team so far this season to win by a straight kick.  Augusta Margaret River and South Bunbury have both had a seven point win, both times against Busselton.

With five rounds remaining, there are still endless chances for close finishes or indeed more draws, with the Colts, Reserves and League ladders all still very much alive, with the Reserve and League competitions, still far from resolved as to who will play in September with teams as low as eighth still able to make the finals, while in the Colts, ladder positions are still not set within the top five.

Saturday’s score by Augusta Margaret River is believed to be the lowest winning score in at least the last ten years (4.10.34), but records are still being searched to confirm this fact.  The drawn match at Glen Huon with a total of 33 is the second lowest of all time, behind the Round 9 fixture on 6 June 2004, where Carey Park drew with South Bunbury 2.10.22 apiece.  Of teams that have lost games, Collie has lost by a combined total of just 23 points (19, 3 and 1), just ahead of Bunbury with 36 points (34 and 2).

As the table below shows, Busselton have lost four games this season by seven points or less, Donnybrook have lost three by four points or less, to go with a draw, while Bunbury have won four games by eight points or less, drawn twice and lost another by two points.

League Results with Margins 10 Points of Less

Round Winning Team Winning Score Losing Team Losing Score Winning Margin
1 AMR 8.7.55 Donnybrook 6.15.51 4
Bunbury 9.7.61 Eaton Boomers 7.11.53 8
3 South Bunbury 12.12.84 Collie Eagles 12.9.81 3
Donnybrook 12.8.80 Bunbury 12.6.78 2
Harvey Bulls 12.11.83 Busselton 11.11.77 6
4 AMR 10.3.63 Busselton 8.8.56 7
5 HBL 5.13.43 Bunbury 6.7.43 DRAW
6 Eaton Boomers 8.14.62 HBL 9.8.62 DRAW
South Bunbury 6.9.45 Busselton 6.2.38 7
Bunbury 10.9.69 Harvey Bulls 10.7.67 2
7 HBL 10.4.64 Donnybrook 9.8.62 2
Carey Park 11.3.69 Bunbury 10.9.69 DRAW
8 Harvey Bulls 9.7.61 Eaton Boomers 7.10.52 9
12 Bunbury 14.5.89 Donnybrook 13.7.85 4
13 AMR 4.10.34 Busselton 5.2.32 2
Bunbury 9.6.60 Collie Eagles 9.5.59 1
Eaton Boomers 5.3.33 Donnybrook 4.9.33 DRAW
HBL 5.7.37 South Bunbury 4.3.27 10



1 Harvey Brunswick Leschenault 13 11 0 2 927 658 140.88 48 BY EB DBK AMR CE
2 Collie Eagles 13 10 3 0 1033 664 155.57 40 EB AMR BSN DBK HBL
3 Bunbury 13 9 2 2 984 848 116.04 40 HBL HB CP SB BSN
4 Harvey Bulls 13 8 5 0 943 784 120.28 32 SB BY AMR EB DBK
5 Eaton Boomers 13 5 6 2 885 822 107.66 24 CE HBL SB HB CP
6 South Bunbury 13 6 7 0 856 844 101.42 24 HB BSN EB BY AMR
7 Augusta Margaret River Football Club 13 6 7 0 793 848 93.51 24 CP CE HB HBL SB
8 Donnybrook 13 5 7 1 812 821 98.90 22 BSN CP HBL CE HB
9 Busselton 13 1 12 0 684 1039 65.83 4 DBK SB CE CP BY
10 Carey Park 13 0 12 1 574 1163 49.36 2 AMR DBK BY BSN EB