Thrilling Finish To The League Season

With five weeks to go in the home and away season, the SWFL is bracing for a thrilling finish with just ten points separating top placed Bunbury and sixth placed South Bunbury.

Only four weeks ago, Harvey Brunswick Leschenault were sixth, now third, three weeks ago, Busselton were sixth, now fourth, while Collie were third and now fifth, with South Bunbury occupying every position from second to sixth in the last seven weeks.

So how will the final five finish, with a multitude of crucial matches to play out in the next five rounds.

Top placed Bunbury are equal on points with the Hawks, but have a 25% advantage over the Hawks who have the worst percentage of any team in the top five.   Bunbury’s run home starts this week with a game against the luckless Harvey Bulls who have lost so many games this season by two goals or less.  The week after, Bunbury face Carey Park in a danger game at Kelly Park before facing the Collie Eagles in round sixteen.  Collie by this point may well be out of the five and fighting for survival, with their second half fade out against Carey Park last week something they didn’t need.  Bunbury will then face the Lions at Brunswick in round seventeen in another crucial clash, before facing South Bunbury in the final round.  If Collie are still in contention, South Bunbury will need to potentially win this game to ensure a final five finish, while Bunbury may need it to finish on top and get a week off.

The Hawks meanwhile play just one team in the top five in the final five rounds, so on ladder positions you

Augusta Margaret River Hawks

would expect them to win all of them, but there have been so many upsets, nothing can be taken for granted.  Simply to finish top, the Green and Golds just need to win one more game than Bunbury in the last five weeks.  The round fifteen clash against Busselton will go along way to shaping both clubs seasons.

Third placed Harvey Brunswick Leschenault are a game off top spot, and a game clear of fourth place currently.  The Lions will face three

HBL Lions

teams in the top five in the final fie weeks commencing with Collie this weekend.  Collie desperately need to win this week, or face falling out of the five, while a loss to Collie will see the Lions drop potentially to fifth place.  After playing Eaton in round fifteen, a crucial clash awaits at Hands Oval in round sixteen against the Tigers who will be either fourth, fifth or sixth at this point.  A round seventeen clash at home versus Bunbury will be one definitely to watch, and again will have severe ramifications for those within the five depending on which way the result falls.  The Lions finish with a visit to Donnybrook.

Based on ladder positions, Busselton have a relatively easy run home compared to other teams around them, which is sure to apply pressure

Busselton Magpies

to the Lions particularly in the final five rounds.  Busselton will play Eaton this week, followed by a great match up with Augusta Margaret River in round fifteen.  A win in this match by Busselton will see the Lions then apply pressure to the Hawks for second place, assuming the Lions beat the Collie Eagles on Sunday.  Busselton then round out their season against Harvey, Carey Park and finish with a twilight fixture against Collie, who potentially will be fighting to finish fifth.

Collie Eagles run starts on Sunday, with a crucial fixture against the Lions.  A win will keep them ahead of South Bunbury, assuming the

Collie Eagles

Tigers defeat Carey Park on Saturday.  A loss on Sunday will see them drop out of the five, unless the Panthers beat South Bunbury.  Collie can keep South Bunbury at arms distance in another big match in round fifteen, when the two teams face off at the Collie Recreation Ground.  A win to Collie will keep them alive, a loss could well be season over, as they face Busselton and Bunbury in the final rounds with Donnybrook in between those clashes in round seventeen.

South Bunbury will be in the top five on Saturday night if they defeat Carey Park, with a loss meaning they will stay where they are in sixth

South Bunbury Tigers

place and maybe six points behind Collie should they beat the Lions on Sunday.  Round fifteen will see South Bunbury play Collie in Collie in a match which could see South Bunbury go as much as six points clear of the Eagles based on this weekends results or still behind Collie, with this match most likely to decide who will finish fifth.   South Bunbury will then play Harvey Brunswick Leschenault at Hands Oval before playing Eaton Boomers and Bunbury.  Simply the Tigers need to win two of these games and beat Collie to have any chance of finishing fifth.


1 Bunbury League 13 10 3 0 0 0 1077 773 139.33 40
2 Augusta Margaret River League 13 10 3 0 0 0 745 648 114.97 40
3 Harvey Brunswick Leschenault League 13 9 4 0 0 0 870 706 123.23 36
4 Busselton League 13 8 5 0 0 0 987 700 141.00 32
5 Collie Eagles League 13 8 5 0 0 0 791 674 117.36 32
6 South Bunbury League 13 7 5 1 1 0 783 743 105.38 30
7 Carey Park League 13 5 8 0 0 0 713 945 75.45 20
8 Harvey Bulls League 13 3 9 1 0 1 822 958 85.80 14
9 Eaton Boomers League 13 2 11 0 0 0 655 892 73.43 8
10 Donnybrook League 13 2 11 0 0 0 589 993 59.32 8