Tigers Prove Too Strong Again

South Bunbury have defeated Eaton by 78 points at Hands Oval on Saturday afternoon, in round ten of the Dale Alcock Homes South West, SWFL Premiership Season.

That is the end result, but was anything but easy for the Tigers in the first three quarters, as the Boomers did two things no other team has done this season.   For the first time this season, the Tigers were not in front at quarter time, and Eaton also kicked the highest score at Hands Oval against South Bunbury.

In a high scoring opening term, it took five minutes for the opening score as Jackson Broadbent converted a set shot to put the Boomers in front.  Blaine Johnson replied shortly after, kicking the first of his five goals to level the scores.  A stalemate between both defences took place for the next ten minutes, with the play almost exclusively on the outer side in the windy conditions.  Richard Bourne eventually broke the deadlock, taking a good mark in the goal square.  This would start a flurry of goals, with Kade O’Dine kicking a goal, courtesy of a free kick, and Greg Humphries put the Boomers back in front after taking a good mark.  Scores were level again Mitchell Bain marked from within the goal square, but Stephen Kane would snap a goal moments later to give the visitors back the lead.   Blaine Johnson would be the third Tiger to take a mark in the goal square to level the scores for the fourth time in the opening quarter, but Kane would dribble a goal very late in the quarter to give the Boomers the lead at quarter time by six points.

The Tigers would keep the Boomers scoreless in the second term, wasting no time in the second quarter, with a goal in the opening two minutes, to level the scores for the fifth time.  The windy conditions were playing its part with the field kicking, with both teams turning the ball over continuously in the second quarter.   Blaine Johnson converted a set shot to extend the margin to nine points, before Tom Gorter found himself unattended, running into an open goal.  Gorter hit a purple patch, seemingly on his own for a large part of the quarter, getting plenty of possessions, one of which ended with Johnson, who opened the advantage to 22 points at half time.

Eaton would kick two goals in two minutes to Humphries and Coen Hay, narrowing the margin to eight points, but after that point, the Boomers would not score again.  The Tigers would kick the last ten goals of the match, eight in the last quarter, with the Boomers not scoring at the Southern end for the entire match.

Despite the result, the Boomers gave it everything, and are not the first team this season to be blown away in the final term by the Tigers, who had ten goal kickers.

South Bunbury will have the bye in round eleven, while the Boomers will host Donnybrook for the Peter Butcher Cup.

Match Centre
South Bunbury     4.1.25     8.5.53     10.11.71     18.15.123
Eaton                       5.1.31      5.1.31       7.3.45        7.3.45

Goals:  South Bunbury – Blaine Johnson 5, Richard Bourne 2, Kevin Chitty 2, Ethan Nordahl 2, Kade Wallrodt 2, Mitchell Bain 1, Jay Crossman 1, Thomas Gorter 1, Ben Horsman 1, Tyson Lane 1.   Eaton – Gregory Humphries 2, Stephen Kane 2, Jackson Broadbent 1, Coen Hay 1, Kade O’Dine 1.
Best:  South Bunbury  – Thomas Gorter, Blaine Johnson, Jay Crossman, Thomas Gallaway, Finn Baskerville, Kevin Chitty.  Eaton – Liam Chinnery, Paul Rinder, Gregory Humphries, Brendan Craig, Jack Saunders.
Ground:  Hands Memorial Oval
Umpires:  Michael Hearne, Kevin Hutchins
Reports:  Nil
Crowd: 705

Photos courtesy of Wayne Hislop