Tim Noakes Has Day Out

Tim Noakes had a day to remember on Saturday at Gloucester Park when he kicked eight goals for Augusta Margaret River, in their 65 point win over Carey Park.

Luckily for the Panthers, the Hawks were inaccurate, having twenty one scoring shots in the first half for just eleven goals, while Carey Park had hardly any time inside 50, kicking just two goals in the opening half.

The contest was realistically over, with the home side winning the second half by a point, but when the game was there to be won early the usual suspects were in the thick of it, with Simon Moore, Lincoln Adams and Jack McMahon amongst the best, while Rory O’Brien and Viv Blurton never stopped trying for the visitors.

The Hawks after two home games, will travel to Brunswick on Saturday, while Carey Parks League team will have the week off, while the remainder of the Club play Dunsborough at the Dunsborough Playing Fields on Sunday, with the Colts match promising to be the match of the round.

Match Centre
Aug Marg River 6.3.39  11.10.76  14.14.98  16.15.111
Carey Park  1.0.6  2.0.12  4.1.25  7.4.46

Goals:  Augusta Margaret River – Tim Noakes 8, Steven Payne 2, Harry Taylor 2, Sam Lewis 1, Jacob Payne 1, Mitchell Payne 1, Cody Rodgers 1.  Carey Park – Hayden Yarran 2, Jayden Collard 1, Blake Helgeland 1, Rory O’Brien 1, Bailey Taylor 1, Jordan Yarran 1.
Best:  Augusta Margaret River – Max Paterson, Tim Noakes, Lincoln Adams, Steven Payne, Jack McMahon, Simon Moore.  Carey Park – Bailey Taylor, Rory O’Brien, Zane Verhaaf, Jordan Yarran, Reece Payne, Bill Brown.
Ground:  Gloucester Park
Umpires:  Vance Burton, Michael Hearne
Crowd: 471