Times Medal To Dean Miller

Dean Miller of the Harvey Bulls has been awarded the Times Medal for the Best & Fairest player in the Reserves Competition amassing 25 votes to win by six votes from Bunbury’s Aaron Mills and Kane Oldham of Augusta Margaret River.

Miller was the first Bulls player to win the Reserves Medal in 2012, and is now a two time winner ten years apart after he was awarded the medal on Friday night during the SWFL Hayward Medal Count.

Miller trailed Mills and Oldham by one vote with four rounds of the count to go, but scored three best on ground performances in the final three rounds to seal the win.

“Its great to be recognised but we have a big challenge ahead of us tomorrow”, said Miller on being presented with the award.

Behind the top three, Matt Giacci of South Bunbury finished fourth, just ahead of Bunbury’s Ben Hazelwood and Shaun Maher of Harvey Bulls who finished sixth.




Name Club Total Name Club Total Name Club Total
Kane Oldham AMR 18 Ty Verhaaf Carey Park 7 Brendan Page Eaton Boomers 13
Kris Longmore-Dodd AMR 11 Les Wallam Carey Park 6 Adam Green Eaton Boomers 10
Cody Miller AMR 9 Blake Helgeland Carey Park 5 Brent Piercey Eaton Boomers 8
Gus Staley AMR 6 Beshaun Maher Carey Park 3 Robert Loo Eaton Boomers 8
Henry Shawcross AMR 6 Brandon Bennell Carey Park 3 Jayme Osiejak Eaton Boomers 6
Jackson Coppin AMR 5 Jake Thurston Carey Park 3 Heath Ryder Eaton Boomers 5
Nicholas Gray AMR 4 Viv Blurton Carey Park 3 Blake Zessin Eaton Boomers 3
Thomas McDonald AMR 4 Jarrod Williams Carey Park 2 Jason Newport Eaton Boomers 3
Cory Wilkins AMR 3 Jordan Wallam Carey Park 2 Matthew Cartledge Eaton Boomers 3
Egan Macshane AMR 3 Nopphadon Davidson Carey Park 2 Mitchell Walker Eaton Boomers 3
Finn MacShane AMR 3 Josh Bradbury Carey Park 1 Bevan Bennell Eaton Boomers 2
James Chadwick AMR 3 Total 37 Luke Yates Eaton Boomers 1
Jordan Veitch AMR 3 Total 65
Mitchell Pidgeon AMR 3 Billy Bebbington Collie Ealges 6
Grant Garstone AMR 2 Kieran Escott Collie Ealges 6 Dean Miller Harvey Bulls 25
Jake Rodgers AMR 2 Matthew Blackford Collie Ealges 6 Shaun Maher Harvey Bulls 16
Lachlan Allan AMR 2 Harry Massara Collie Ealges 5 Daniel Italiano Harvey Bulls 5
Alistair Wood AMR 1 Rory Bebbington Collie Ealges 5 Mark Cherubino Harvey Bulls 5
Kurt Thompson AMR 1 Geoffrey Cain Collie Ealges 3 Thomas Chapman Harvey Bulls 4
Total 89 Cameron Davidson Collie Ealges 2 Trent Murdoch Harvey Bulls 4
Ashley Seeber Collie Ealges 1 Cameron Penny Harvey Bulls 3
Aaron Mills Bunbury 19 Lance Lawrence Collie Ealges 1 Cody Garlett Harvey Bulls 3
Ben Hazelwood Bunbury 16 Marc Cain Collie Ealges 1 Ethaniel Bolton Harvey Bulls 3
Randall Hodgson Bunbury 8 Total 36 Jack Bennett Harvey Bulls 3
Mackenna Taylor Bunbury 6 Robert Bennell Harvey Bulls 3
Izaiha Humphries Bunbury 5 Archer Coates Donnybrook 7 Aaron Faulkner Harvey Bulls 2
Keegan Williams Bunbury 4 Josh Cusato Donnybrook 7 Kieran Germs Harvey Bulls 2
Brad Blake Bunbury 3 Sean Robertson Donnybrook 3 Vincent Ugle Harvey Bulls 2
Jake Prowse Bunbury 3 Terence Carroll Donnybrook 3 Aaron Fimmano Harvey Bulls 1
Jaymin King Bunbury 3 Lance Smith Donnybrook 2 Dylan Trickett Harvey Bulls 1
Jordan McGinley Bunbury 3 Daniel McGlashan Donnybrook 1 Mark Dann Harvey Bulls 1
Steven Florance Bunbury 3 Hamish Hutton Donnybrook 1 Robert Fitzgerald Harvey Bulls 1
Beau Luzi Bunbury 2 Michael Lake Donnybrook 1 Total 84
Ben Dempsey Bunbury 2 Total 25
Clinton Yarran Bunbury 2 Jordan Goff HBL 12
Kobee Bernhardt Bunbury 2 Dan Atkinson Dunsborough 15 Brendan Stemp HBL 10
Jesse Kirwen Bunbury 1 Mac Candy Dunsborough 10 Keegan Fortescue HBL 5
Total 82 Jesse Gautrey Dunsborough 6 Brayden Harris HBL 3
Ben Micale Dunsborough 3 Cameron Thompson HBL 3
Connor Timms Busselton 8 Brayden Keyser Dunsborough 3 Jamie Crane HBL 3
Brock Carpenter Busselton 6 Jarrad Burges Dunsborough 3 Tom Kelly HBL 3
Kobi Howell Busselton 6 Cal Foster Dunsborough 2 Ty Armitage HBL 3
Cade Keeble Busselton 4 Mick Sherry Dunsborough 2 Blake Whitehead HBL 2
Seve Toovey Busselton 4 Adam Crisp Dunsborough 1 Cooper Robins HBL 2
Chris Hutchins Busselton 3 Ben Scott Dunsborough 1 James Strano HBL 2
Kayne Cox Busselton 3 Khye Baker Dunsborough 1 Jaydon Wilson HBL 2
Jesse Lilly Busselton 2 Luke Foster Dunsborough 1 Joshua O’Day HBL 2
Nathan Bell Busselton 2 Total 48 Luke Bettens HBL 2
Patrick Donovan Busselton 2 Tristan Ramshaw HBL 2
Dan Gault Busselton 1 Chris Buchanan HBL 1
Jack Brockliss Busselton 1 Hamish Ward HBL 1
Reagan Bell Busselton 1 Pierce Ferguson HBL 1
Tye Denton Busselton 1 Zac Piper HBL 1
Total 44 Total 60
Matt Giacci South Bunbury 17
Reece Reynolds South Bunbury 15
Josh Ryder South Bunbury 6
Morgan Lane South Bunbury 6
Ryan Hutcheson South Bunbury 6
Nino Pursell South Bunbury 4
Rhys Crawford South Bunbury 4
Troy Bennell South Bunbury 4
Christian Van-Noort South Bunbury 3
Craig Hutcheson South Bunbury 3
Jake Dreja South Bunbury 3
Joshua Padlie South Bunbury 3
Adrian Wasilew South Bunbury 2
Jonathon Dix South Bunbury 2
Kurt Cadman South Bunbury 2
Nicholas Broad South Bunbury 2
Seth Versace South Bunbury 2
Total 84