Times Medal To James Strano

James Strano has won the Times Medal for the Fairest and Best player in the Solahart Reserves competition, winning by four votes.

In a close count, with two games remaining, four players including Josh Krispyn of Harvey Bulls,  Jordan Yarran of Carey Park and Reece Reynolds of South Bunbury could have all won the medal, with Reynolds the only player to receive a vote in the final two rounds.

Strano received three votes on five occasions through the first nine rounds to have 19 votes after twelve rounds.

Josh Krispyn who was the runner up also score five best on ground performances, mainly from round twelve onwards, while Matt Giacci who was unfortunately injured for a great portion of the season, scored four best on ground performances in the first five rounds.

Strano was shocked after being announced the winner and thanked his club and team mates.


Name Club Total
1 James Strano HBL 25
2 Josh Krispyn Harvey Bulls 21
3 Jordan Yarran Carey Park 19
4 Reece Reynolds South Bunbury 19
5 Blake Whitehead HBL 16
6 Leslie Wallam Carey Park 14
7 Matt Giacci South Bunbury 14
8 Brandon Fryer Eaton 13
9 Aaron Mills Bunbury 12
10 Jayme Osiejak Bunbury 11
11 Morgan Lane South Bunbury 11
12 Cameron Penny Harvey Bulls 10
13 Randall Hodgson Bunbury 9
14 James Wallam Carey Park 9
15 Adam Crisp Dunsborough 9
16 Dean Miller Harvey Bulls 9
17 Jordan Goff HBL 9
18 Kane Oldham AMR 8
19 Jordan McGinley Bunbury 8
20 Joshua Lee Busselton 8