Umpiring Is A Family Business!

Community Umpiring Round is this weekend in the SWFL and one Umpire who was always going to be involved in Football was Emma Hutchins.  Her Grand Father, Arthur Hutchins is a Busselton legend, as the head trainer for over 1000 games for the Busselton Football Club, while father Kevin, played for Busselton, and now is one of the League Field Umpires.   Arthur who has now retired from being the trainer with the Busselton Football Club, has joined the rest of the family, looking after the Umpires at training on a Tuesday, so Emma was always going to have a connection.

Emma Hutchins – Boundary Umpire (101 Games)

1. Years of Experience?  Started in 2015

2. How did you get into Umpiring?  Dad told me to!

3. Food eaten before a game?  Always pasta the night before

4. AFL Team?  West Coast Eagles

5. What do you like most about Umpiring?  Making new friends, keeping fit and being part of an environment where the whole family can be involved.

6. Why should people get into Umpiring?  Meet new people, learn new skills, keep fit and get paid.

Emma is one of twenty two umpires in the Umpiring Group, which has one or more family members Umpiring, which include brothers, sisters, brother / sister, father/daughter and father/son combinations, something unique to umpiring.