Umpiring Numbers On The Rise

In January and February and even at the commencement of March, Umpiring numbers in the SWFL were very low, and SWFL Council Delegates were asked to provide names of people who could assist at Club level to help fill gaps with matches, as Umpiring numbers, at both Field and Boundary Umpire levels were very low.

But a persistent and prolonged campaign by members of the SWFL Umpires Association have turned that around in a very short period of time, with now in excess of 120 Umpires registered in 2021.   With 42 Field Umpires, 59 Boundary Umpires and 22 Goal Umpires, the SWFL Umpires Association is now at its strongest in several seasons, only 9 off the record number of 132 in 2018.   This is not to say that Clubs won’t be called upon in the future, but for the moment, numbers are strong.

The targeted campaign has seen several new Field Umpires enquire into joining, something that will be beneficial to the SWFL going forward.

With this week being the Community Umpiring Round, the SWFL acknowledges the contribution umpires have made to Football over the past 64 seasons of the SWFL.

Below is a picture from Umpire training on Tuesday night, where a record 83 Umpires were in attendance.  (just over half are pictured).

If you would like to become an umpire in the SWFL, please do not hesitate to contact Umpires President Jason Crowe on 0428 211 484  for details.