Will It Be The Year Of The Hawk Or Magpie?

Augusta Margaret River and Busselton will play off in the 2021, Dale Alcock Homes South West, SWFL Grand Final on Sunday, a historic match, as the two teams have never played in a League Grand Final before.

For Busselton, their last success was in 2015, while for the Hawks it was 2011, but the Southern Neighbours rivalry is renowned, and this makes for an exciting prospect on Sunday afternoon at Hands Oval.

There will be great match-ups all across the ground, with both teams having match winners across every line.

The Hawks have plenty of fire-power with Harry Taylor, Beau Morgan, Mitch Gerrans along with Cody and Jake Rodgers regular contributors, while Busselton have Liam Creighton and Aidan Fraser who never look like dropping a mark, and usually convert.

Defensively both teams are sound, with inspirational Hawks Captain Lincoln Adams leading the charges, while Ethan Bowman of Busselton is likely to get the job on Taylor.

Movement out of the middle will be key, with Hayward Medalist, Simon Moore one player Busselton can’t allow to get loose, with Nathan Arbon a likely candidate for that job.

The Rusk brigade of David Hill, Regan Smith and Max Paterson, will see the Hawks in good stead, while Busselton equally have Bronson Stallard, Austin Styles and Mitch Tenardi, making for an intriguing contest around the ground.

Regardless of ladder positions these matches are almost always close tight affairs and this one promises to be no

Busselton Magpies


The two teams never played each other in the Final Series, with the Hawks advancing straight to the Grand Final after defeating Bunbury in the Second Semi Final, while Busselton have had to do it the hard way, coming via the Elimination Final, defeating South Bunbury by 59 points, Harvey Brunswick Leschenault in the First Semi Final by 17 points and Bunbury in the Preliminary Final by 41 points.

Only 7 teams have made the Grand Final prior to Sunday since the final five was brought into the competition in 1973, with only one (Harvey Brunswick Leschenault) successful in 2010.

Last 30 Matches – Busselton 17, Augusta Margaret River 13

Of the last 30 matches, 10 have been won by two goals or less,  with the Hawks winning average being 17.9 points, while when Busselton win, the average is 18.55.  This hints at a close Final of around three goals either way. with a blowout not on the cards, with the biggest winning margin in the last 15 years being 50 points.

31 July 2021 (Gloucester Park)
Augusta Margaret River 9.9.63 def Busselton 5.4.34

15 May 2021 (Sir Stewart Bovell Park)
Augusta Margaret River 10.7.67 def Busselton 8.12.60

25 July 2020 (Gloucester Park)
Busselton 14.6.90 def Augusta Margaret River 9.12.66

18 August 2019
Busselton 10.4 64 def Augusta Margaret River 7.11.53

2 June 2019
Augusta Margaret River 11.7.73 def Busselton 11.4 70

11 August 2018
Augusta Margaret River 10.4.64 def Busselton 5.2.32

2 June 2018
Augusta Margaret River 10.11.71 def Busselton 8.5.53

22 July 2017
Augusta Margaret River 4.10.34 def Busselton 5.2.32

6 May 2017
Augusta Margaret River 10.3.63 def Busselton 8.8.56

27 August 2016
Augusta Margaret River 6.11.47 def Busselton 2.5.17

11 June 2016
Busselton 8.7.55 def Augusta Margaret River 5.13.43

30 June 2015 – Gloucester Park
Busselton 8.11.55 def Augusta Margaret River 2.7.19

18 April 2015 – Sir Stewart Bovell Park
Busselton 12.14.86 def Augusta Margaret River 9.9.63

30 August 2014
Busselton 14.11.95 def Augusta Margaret River 5.5.35

18 April 2014
Busselton 12.4.86 def Augusta Margaret River 9.9.63

17 August 2013
Augusta Margaret River 8.10.58 def Busselton 6.4.40

01 June 2013
Busselton 9.7.61 def Augusta Margaret River 5.10.53

7 July 2012
Busselton 10.10.70 def Augusta Margaret River 9.11.65

26 April 2012
Busselton 12.11.83 def Augusta Margaret River 8.10.58

9 July 2011
Busselton 17.6.108 def Augusta Margaret River 10.13.73

7 May 2011
Busselton 13.5.83 def Augusta Margaret River 12.7.79

8 August 2010
Augusta Margaret River 16.12.108 def Busselton 10.11.71

23 May 2010
Busselton 11.13.79 def Augusta Margaret River 11.10.76

21 June  2009
Augusta Margaret River 17.8.110 def Busselton 10.4.64

19 April 2009
Busselton 19.12.126 def Augusta Margaret River 14.6.90

19 July 2008
Busselton 12.12.84 def Augusta Margaret River 8.5.53

11 May 2008
Augusta Margaret River 13.6.84 def Busselton 12.11.83

12 August 2007
Busselton 9.10.64 def Augusta Margaret River 5.14.44

2 June 2007
Augusta Margaret River 9.8.62 def Busselton 7.7.49

5 April 2007
Busselton 9.16.70 def Augusta Margaret River 7.1.43