Your Team In 2018, Dons


Donnybrook finished sixth in 2017 and will be looking to break back into the final five in 2018.  Despite not having many IN’s, there are two

Donnybrook ‘The Dons’

that do stand out like beacons.  Jace Cormack and Christ Atthowe have moved from Eaton Boomers to join the Dons in 2018.  We will all wait and see what difference this makes, starting this Saturday when Donnybrook travel to Brunswick to take on Harvey Brunswick Leschenault.



Name From
Simon Shanks Trinity Aquinas
Brett Eades Kelmscott
Nathan Agar Piara Waters
Jace Cormack Eaton Boomers
Blair Hutton Busselton
Chris Atthowe Eaton Boomers


Name To
Brendan Page Eaton Boomers
Clinton House Eaton Boomers
Chris Weller Kingsley
Scott Tynan Eaton Boomers
Jacob Green Fremantle CBC
Reece Ralston Bridgetown
Mitchell Daube Imperials
Jack Richards Bridgetown
Tyler Giles Bridgetown