Bunbury Claim Silverware In Pre-Season Competition

The Brooke Fiore for Hair and Beauty Day Spa Women’s Knock-Out Pre-Season Carnival was held in Bunbury on Saturday afternoon, with all eight teams fielding teams for the shortened format competition.

It would be the first time that both the Collie Eagles and Eaton Boomers officially took part in an official match, entering the League this year, with both teams facing off at Hands Oval in a tight affair.

At Payne Park, defending premiers Bunbury easily accounted for Busselton, before Carey Park defeated HBL by five goals.  Busselton would regroup to down HBL in game three by 40 points, before Bunbury kept Carey Park scoreless in game four to advance to the Grand Final.

At Hands Oval, South Bunbury and Harvey Bulls were locked at two points a-piece late in the match before the only goal of the game came from Bethany Bond.   Eaton Boomers recorded their first win against Collie Eagles, with the one and only goal coming late in the match.  Harvey Bulls regrouped to account for Collie Eagles in game seven, before South Bunbury kicked ten goals in the final pool game, showing no mercy on the new Eaton Boomers line-up.

The Grand Final would see Bunbury and South Bunbury play for the silverware, with Bunbury getting the jump on the opposition leading by three goals at half time.  South Bunbury showed some fight in the second half but Bunbury would prevail, winning the Pre-Season Grand Final by 20 points.

Saturday April 7th 2018
Bunbury – Payne Park
Game No 1 
Bunbury 2.3.15  5.3 33
Busselton 0.0.0   0.0 0

Goal Kickers: Bunbury: 3 C Hill; 1 K Larsen; S Hill.  Busselton: Nil
Best Players: Bunbury: C Hill; B Taylor; C Zappia; K Hallett; S Hill; S Hanngan.
Busselton: L Valli; C Wain; H MacKay B Hancock; S Palandari; A Williamson;

Game No 2 
Harv Brun Lesch 0.0.0  0.1 1
Carey Park 3.3.21  4.7 31
Goal Kickers: Carey Park: 2 N Davis; 1 A Page.  HBL: Nil
Best Players: HBL: A Schirripa; B Gliddon; D Ledwell; S Joyce; K Wilsonham; L Quaife;
Carey Park: A Ryder; K Farrant; S Farrant; J Gallop; S Dye; A Page;

Game No 3 
Busselton 3.3.21   7.5 47
Harv Brun Lesch 1.1.7   1.1 7
Goal Kickers: Busselton: 3 S Isaacson; 2 M Hannan; 1 C Wain; J Rodgers;
HBL: 1 L Triplett;
Best Players: Busselton: S Isaacson; G Power; A Williamson; C Wain; T Charlton; S Palandri;
HBL: A Schirripa; L Triplett; E Reilly; L Quaife; B Gliddon; N Teka;

Game No 4
Bunbury 0.3.3  3.8 26
Carey Park 0.0.0   0.0 0
Goal Kickers: Bunbury: 2 N Miles; 1 C Hill; C Babich.  Carey Park: Nil
Best Players: Bunbury: C Miles; K Linsey; E Farr; C Babich; K Larsen; C Hill;
Carey Park: K Farrant; S Morgan; G Humphries; S Farrant; A Page; A Ryder;

Saturday April 7th 2018
Bunbury – HANDS OVAL
Game No 5 
South Bunbury 0.0.0  1.3 9
Harvey Bulls 0.2.2  0.2 2
Goal Kickers: South Bunbury: 1 B Bond. Harvey Bulls: Nil
Best Players: South Bunbury: B Bond; M Obal; K Stevens; E Bilcich; E Smith; H Kurek
Harvey Bulls; Y Guretti; H Stazewski-Hose; B Fry; C Bayliss; L Tartaglia; M Fry;

Game No 6
Eaton Boomers 0.1.1  1.1 7
Collie Eagles 0.1.1  0.1 1
Goal Kickers: Eaton Boomers: A Harris.  Collie Eagles: Nil
Best Players: Eaton Boomers: A Harris; S Ryder; K Wallis; D Ashley; W Baker; C Hodge
Collie Eagles: T Jack-Tui; K Shepherd; C Fontana; C Broadbent; B Nelson; M Tewake;

Game No 7 
Harvey Bulls 2.0.12  6.3 39
Collie Eagles 0.1.1  0.1 1
Goal Kickers: Harvey Bulls: 3 F Parker; 1 L Worsfold; J Smith; Z Worsfold.  Collie Eagles: Nil
Best Players: Harvey Bulls: Y Guretti; F Parker; H Staszewski-Hose; R Fry; V Birmingham; L Worsfold;
Collie Eagles: R Swallow; B Nelson; B Buckle; R Pemberton; M Poulton; C Broadbent;

Game No 8
South Bunbury 6.2.38  10.4 64
Eaton Boomers 0.0.0   0.0 0
Goal Kickers: South Bunbury: 3 B Bond; 2 M Obal; E Smith; 1 H De Rosa; E Bilcich; C Elward.  Eaton Boomers: Nil
Best Players: South Bunbury: M Obal; E Smith; C Elward; D Nichols; B Bond; E Bilcich;
Eaton Boomers: K Wallis; W Baker; A Harris; C Young; J Ruland; R Host;

Game No 9
Bunbury 3.0.18  4.5 29
South Bunbury 0.0.0  1.3 9
Goal Kickers: Bunbury: 2 C Babich; 1 C Hill; N Miles.  South Bunbury: E Smith 1.
Best Players: Bunbury: C Allen; S Proudfoot; C Babich; K Hallett; C Hill; B Wall
South Bunbury: B Bond, M Bilcich, E Bilcich, M Obal, D Nichols, A Boyd


Bunbury Womens Team all smiles after winning the Pre-Season Competition. Photo courtesy of Wayne Hislop Photography