Redevelopment Underway

It may well first have been mooted in the early 2000’s, but after nearly six years of meetings and planning, the next phase of the Hands Oval Redevelopment is underway.

Temporary facilities are now being installed at the Southern End of the venue, which will house the away teams and umpires for the rest of the season and the majority of next season, while the new facility is built along the wing.

The Temporary facilities will take two weeks to be fully installed and made operational, before the wrecking ball on the old facility moves in a day later.

Each Monday, the SWFL will take photos of the changes across the process.

Access to Hands Oval will be restricted to the Halsey Street or Southern End entrance from next Monday, with this weekends fixture unaffected by the redevelopment.  Future matches, parking will be restricted around the ground to parking behind the goals at the Northern End, the outer side wing, around to the goals at the Southern End.

Construction fencing and signage of no go zones will be installed next week.