SWFL Tribunal Statement

The South West Football League wish to provide the findings of a tribunal case held at League Headquarters on Tuesday evening.

The SWFL has suspended a Collie Eagles player for three (3) years and eight (8) matches after being reported for;

Law of the Game 22.2.2 (d) – Intentionally making contact with, or striking, an umpire; and

Law of the Game 22.2.2 (h) – Using abusive, insulting or obscene language towards or in relation to an umpire

Under AFL National Policy, any player or official who has been suspended for a total of sixteen (16) matches (or greater), shall be automatically Deregistered.

These incidents make it very difficult to recruit and retain umpires.

The football community needs to understand that any form of umpire abuse is unacceptable and needs to start calling it out if they witness poor behaviour towards an umpire.

The SWFL will not be making any further comment.