Panthers Win Another Thriller

Carey Park have won a thrilling round seven contest over the Dunsborough Sharks at Kelly Park on Sunday afternoon, defeating the new-comers by six points in a match where the lead changed hands numerous times.

The Panthers were coming off a three point loss to Donnybrook and the Sharks were coming off a draw with Bunbury, and it obvious to the healthy crowd from very early in the match, this would be a great contest.

Cameron Dean leaps high in a marking contest. Photo courtesy of Wayne Hislop.

Under overcast and still conditions, there was plenty of skill on display from both teams, with Cameron Dean opening the scoring after taking a strong mark in the goal square.  Nic Reid converted a set shot soon after and the visitors were off to a fast start.  Ryan King pegged one back for the Panthers, before Nic Reid kicked one of the goals of the season from deep in the pocket to extend the margin again.  King kicked his second and at quarter time the margin was just six points.

Like the first quarter, Cameron Dean, on his way to kicking five goals, opened the scoring in the second quarter, converting a set shot from deep in the pocket, before Nic Reid showed everyone a party trick, kicking another freaking goal from deep in the pocket. Lachlan Emmott, not to be outdone, kicked his own outside of the boot – banana goal soon after as the teams went toe to toe.  Jack DiLallo was awarded a mark in the goal square mid quarter which leveled the scores, before Dean goaled again giving the Sharks a one goal advantage at half time.

Things certainly tightened up in the second half and so too did the scoring, but there was plenty of skill on display with Zane Verhaaf putting the Panthers twelve points in front at the twelve minute mark of the final term, the biggest margin of the match.  A late goal to Dunsborough ensured another big finish, with the Panthers hanging on to win their third match by a goal or less.

“My nerves are shot, I will have grey hair or none at all very soon”, said coach Frank Italiano after the win.

The Sharks again proved they are a good team, with a strong supporter base, and will certainly win more games in 2023.

Carey Park  2.2.14  5.4.34  6.10.46  9.11.65
Dunsborough  3.2.20  6.4.40  7.4.46  9.5.59

Goals:  Carey Park – Ryan King 3, Rory O’Brien 3, Jack DiLallo 1, Lachlan Emmott 1, Connor Gadecki 1, Zane Verhaaf 1.  Dunsborough – Cameron Dean 5, Nicolas Reid 33, Jake Green 1.
Best:  Carey Park – Noah Carpanoni, Kelvin Lawrence, Rory O’Brien, Bill Brown.  Dunsborough – John Ward, Jack Hindle, Cameron Dean, Jake Green, Sam Goldstone, Ben Scott.
Ground:  Kelly Park
Umpires:  Cameron Edmonds, Greg Rolfe, Cameron Valenti
Reports:  Nil
Crowd:  656


Kelvin Lawrence played a good game for the Panthers. Photo courtesy of Wayne Hislop